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Yeah, that's right. That time is coming around again. Where all the youngsters start to get restless (and stay that way from sugar overload). Halloween trick or treating is fun, but having hundreds of children roaming the dark can be dangerous too. Before you and your children head out this year in your Ronald Regan masks and Edward Cullen wigs, consider these trick or treating safety tips.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

Plan Your Route

Go out in the day time and look for obstacles, construction, or lack of sidewalks. These things can go unnoticed in the dark and can lead to ouchies. If you want to make it fun, bring your child and try to plan the route that gets the most candy.

TIP: The richer the neighborhood, the better the candy.

Be Well Lit

Carry a flashlight with you, just in case you end up in a poorly light part of the neighborhood. It's a handy precaution, you never know when you need light. Plus lights tend to ward off mischievous kids or other terrors in the night. To keep your child well lit, buy a cheap flashlight and throw it in their candy bags. This works particularly well with Jack o' Lantern candy buckets or pillow cases.

Costume Accordingly

Make sure when buying your childs' costume that it is well fit, bathroom friendly, and your child has full vision and unrestricted breathing. A costume that drags on the ground will get snagged on anything that has cobwebs on it, and I know from personal experience, dragging costumes like to trip children. Be sure when picking out a costume with a mask that it has full range of vision. There are lots of stars to lots of houses, and being able to see going up them is key. Be sure there is also a good amount of ventilation to the mask as well. If you child really wants the mask and it doesn't breath or see well, make it. Nothing a pair of scissors can't handle.

Avoid Fake Weapons

Some people are sensitive on the weapons issue, especially guns. If it looks like a real deadly weapon, it's best to just avoid it. If you do take your child out with a fake sword or something, make sure it's flexible of foam padded. Again, there are lots of trip hazards in the night.

Only Go to Lit Houses

It's a general rule that if the lights aren't on, the owners aren't home or don't want trick or treaters. People without children usually go to parties on Halloween, so it's best to avoid wasting your time on unlit houses

Don't Trick or Treat after 9 p.m.

9 p.m. is the general stopping time for trick or treating, however some places are different. You should watch your local news before heading out just to be sure on the time. Always carry a time-telling device to be sure of what time it is.

Inspect Candy Before Eating

Ah, the old classic. It's not very likely your child will find a razor blade imbedded in their chocolate bar these days, but it still doesn't hurt to give your childs candy a once over before they get it. Just to check for opened or inappropriate things. Plus you can pick out all the good stuff like your child thinks your doing.