Acid Reflux PillowsAre you tired of antacids, prevacid, acidophex and the countless other acid reflux drugs on the market. Some drugs that aim to treat acid reflux can actually cause a rebound effect in the production of acids in the stomach. Do you want to try something more natural? The first thing you need to stop doing is eating spicy foods. After that the next best thing you can do is get yourself and acid reflux pillow.

An acid reflux pillow does not produce any side effects. The acid reflux pillow is simple to use and you can use it over and over - no refills required. This pillow can and should be used by anyone who suffers from the acid reflux condition, from infants to adults as it provides relief for everyone.

What makes an acid reflux pillow so special? An acid reflux pillow is structured and designed to raise the upper part of your body to an incline of about 30 degrees. At this angle of elevation, the gravitational pull prevents your stomach acid from coming up into your esophapgus. This will alleviate if not completely eliminate the chance of acid reflux while sleeping.

Don't attempt to just throw a bunch of pillows under your shoulders, Acid reflux pillow are mand from several different materials. My preference is for memory foam, it by far the most comfortable, the only drawback is that it certainly retains heat. You might feel a bit of discomfort when you first begin using an acid reflux pillow. This is just because your body needs to get used to its new sleeping position, it usually doesn't take long until you feel comfortable using this pillow. Once you start to feel comfortable with the new sleeping position, you're able to benefit from the special pillow for life.

Acid reflux pillows have several other side benefits. asthma patients, For example, can use this pillow too, it helps them elevate their heads when sleeping. helping them to breathe with much more ease as they sleep a very beneficial method protecting them from asthma attacks. Heart patients also benefit greatly from the use of an acid reflux pillow. Heart patients also tend to suffer from breathing problems when they sleep, like in asthma patients, heart patients breathe easier when using one of these acid reflux pillows than with the regualar ones.

Now that you know better, why suffer from acid reflux problems? Do yourself a favor and try out this all natural and promising remedy. Wake up and get yourself one too!