Overcome Your Limits

If you want to get an education while working, you will have to overcome some of the obstacles that are hindering you.  It is difficult to complete an education while you are working, but it is not impossible. Every person has the opportunity to get an education even if they are working.  If you set your mind on the goal, you can get an education while working. Here are some suggestions to overcome the obstacles that typically keep people from getting an education while working.

Limited Time

Limited Time

At first this seems like a logical excuse- you can’t purse a degree if you do not have time. But if you really think about it, you probably have more time than you think you have.

Everyone (myself included) spends time on tasks that may not be essential.  Some examples of activities that could be taking up a lot of your time include: watching television, surfing the internet, relaxing, shopping, or going out.  If you don’t believe me you should try to record the amount of time that you spend on every activity during the day for one week.  After a week you will discover that you have been wasting time doing things that you did not even realize were taking up so much time.  The answer to solving the limited time obstacle is to make a schedule and stick to it.

Limited Opportunity

Sometimes people believe that they do not have the opportunity to achieve their goals.  When it comes to education, people are quick to that they do not have the opportunity because of their background, or their financial situation, or their family situation.

Limited Opportunity

But the truth is that there are programs to assist people in each of those situations.  The internet provides the opportunity for people to attend school when it is feasible for them to go (i.e. set their own schedule).  There are also programs at community colleges and trade schools that will make adjustments for their students based on the students’ goals and timeline.  The answer to overcoming the limited opportunity is to research the options that are available for people in your situation.

Limited Resources

In this economic climate this is the obstacle that most people will encounter.  Many people believe that the economic downturn prohibits them from pursuing their education. Limited Resources While the economy is bad, it should not be the excuse that people use to shy away from pursuing their goals.  If you look at education before the economic downturn and after the economic downturn, you will realize that sources of financial aid are still available.  There are still scholarships, there are still programs to help single parents, fellowships still exist, and student loans are still existent.  The programs might not be as abundant, but the assistance is available if you seek it out. 


If you are serious about getting an education while working, you can search on the internet for tips on how to get an education while working.  You have the ability to overcome the obstacles in your path and pursue your education.