Perhaps you have friend or several friends that you would like out of your life, perhaps you attract annoying people, always have and can not help it. No matter how rude you are to your friend or friends they just keep coming back to chat, gossip or whisper. Perhaps the friend likes the abuse. Are they sick? Do the whine obsessively? I have come up with a solution for getting rid of annoying friends, that has worked at least once so far. You may have a chance at getting the annoying friends to avoid you for a change, and you might have a lot of fun doing it.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Get Rid Of An Annoying Friend

Take it up a notch and get more annoying than the friend or friends that have been driving you insane. Send one text message everyday telling the annoying friend Happy Monday, Happy day after yesterday, Happy talk like a pirate day, and so on. You get the point, make something up, make anything up and send them a text every single day, several times a day. Just when you are about to hit send, remind yourself to hit send about six to eight times so the annoying friend will get that stupid message that many times that day. If you are feeling ambitious, send a variety of annoying and different types of text messages several times a day.

Step 2

Email the friend all the time, so much that you are making them have carpel tunnel syndrome. So much that when they see your name in their inbox they want to puke or simply scream with annoyance. Send them a weather update every ten minutes. Send them emails telling them what you are having for lunch, another stating how good your lunch was, and yet another email telling them how many times you chewed each bite of your lunch. Send another email asking for an alternate email address and copy every single annoying email message to both of their inboxes. If you like to watch people got over the edge or hit their breaking point this should be a blast for you.

Step 3

When you have to walk somewhere with the annoying friend, walk really close to them so that your arm brushes their arm constantly, say sorry every time it happens, say sorry every time it almost happens. Call them when you know they are not going to answer their cell phone or home phone. Leave many messages, many long and annoying messages. If you have nothing to say, then read an entire grocery store flyer to your friend's answering machine, first explaining that you were just calling to tell them about this great sale you just read about. Hang up and call them right back telling them you forgot to mention an item in the flyer or perhaps you did not, which ever you just wanted to make sure that they new about the item in the sale flyer. When they see you coming you may sense them cringing which may make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside.

You have to be persistent to make this work. Don't worry it should only take a few days and then you will be free from that annoying friendship. I would not try this if you fear having people talk about you, because this is likely to happen, more than once. Some people may actually get the idea that you are an entirely different person than what you actually are, if you do not like the idea of being misinterpreted, then I do not suggest taking this approach. Your real friends, the ones that matter, will know what you are doing before they even ask. You real friends will probably be shaking their heads laughing just as much as you are laughing. You may get called a few names, but you may also feel that it is worth it.

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