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Get Backlinks To Your Articles With Socialmonkee

For a number of years marketers have debated the need for building backlinks. No matter which side of the debate you are on, sooner or later you will most likely decide to get backlinks just to test the theory.

Backlinking has never been my favorite pastime. With a head full of ideas I would much rather be writing articles and creating more content. However,  I have discovered that my traffic and income have had a major improvement after I began a backlinking program. Fortunately once I prepare my linking information for submission I can use that same information to submit to two different sources.

In this article I will describe the backlinking method using a free site called Socialmonkee. In a related article, I will show you how to use that same prepared information to submit to a free bookmarking site called SocialADR

With a free account at Socialmonkee, you can login once a day and submit the URL of any of your Infobarrel articles and receive 25 backlinks. They also have a premium service that allows you to log in 3 times a day and submit your articles and receive 100 backlinks to each article. Once you are familiar with the process it should take no longer than 15 or 20 minutes to submit each article.

The submission process to get backlinks requires 4 pieces of information:

1. The URL of your article
2. The article title
3. A short description of the article
4. Tags which in effect are keywords relevant to your article

Except for the URL these items must be spun. Before you go away screaming,  bear with me while I demonstrate how easy spinning can be even without software. If you do have a spin software program you are most likely familiar with the process so I will not include the use of software. I will however,  demonstrate the manual spin method which is very simple once you understand the principle involved.

The reason for spinning the information is to make sure that all of these backlinks do not have the same title or description. Spinning allows Socialmonkee to automatically offer a variety of backlink titles and descriptions which appear in a more natural manner.

To demonstrate the process lets look at a typical article title.

Don't Destroy Your Garden Umbrellas With Improper Storage

To spin the title you would use two symbols. A pair of  curly brackets...{} and the pipe ...|

Choose the word or phrase you are going to spin and surround it with the curly brackets and place a pipe directly after the word or phrase without any spaces.

Don't {Destroy|}Your Garden Umbrellas With Improper Storage

Now choose a synonym and add it after the pipe and follow it with another pipe. (For clarity I am using red text to display the symbols but of course this is for demonstration only.)

Don't {Destroy|Damage|Ruin}Your Garden Umbrellas With Improper Storage

Notice that I capitalize each of these title words because the original was capitalized.

Now continue through the title and spin as many words and phrases as you like. Just be sure to read the title as you add words to make sure the title still makes sense. For submission to Socialmonkee you need to have three choices for any word or phrase that you spin and you can actually have up to twenty.

Don't {Destroy|Damage|Ruin} {Your|Expensive|Any} Garden Umbrellas {With|Using|Because Of} {Improper|Careless|Faulty} Storage

Once the title is spun it is time to move on to the description.

These umbrellas take care of you during all that sunny weather. You would do yourself and your umbrellas a good deed by taking care of them during winter months by moving them into indoor storage.
By now you should be familiar with the symbols and where to place them,  so I will not color them in the description. Here is the description after spinning.

{These|Your|Patio} umbrellas {take care of|protect|shade} you {during|through|in} all that {sunny|hot|uncomfortable} weather and you {would|should|could} {do|be doing|offer} yourself and {your|those|any} umbrellas {a good deed|a favor in return|some thanks} by {taking care of|protecting|caring for} them {during the|through the|all through the} {winter|off season|harsh weather} {months|season|times} by {moving|placing|taking} them into {indoor|proper|safe} storage.

Now you can add the tags and spin them.

{patio umbrellas|garden umbrellas|patio umbrella storage}storing garden umbrellas}

Once this is finished it is just a matter of adding this information in the proper boxes in the Socialmonkee submission page.

Here is a video which demonstrates the spinning and submission process.

Now that you see how simple the process is why not give your Infobarrel artices a boost and use Socialmonkee to get backlinks. By the way this process would work for any articles you have on other directories.

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