clinical strength deodorant

If you're one of the nearly 8 million Americans who suffer from hyperhidrosis (or estimated 2-1/2% of the worldwide population) you know how important it is to have clinical strength deodorant. What you might not know is to what degree your excess sweat could be controlled with the appropriate deodorant. If you want to build your confidence by keeping dry with deodorant, you'll have to find the stick the works best for you.

Brands and Their Impact on Hygiene

At your local drug store or supermarket you'll find:

• Degree

• Axe

• Old Spice

• Dove

• Gillette

• Burt's Bees

You may find other brands specific to your region, there may be natural alternatives at health markets such as Whole Foods, and you don't have to limit yourself to the most popular names. However, among the brand name deodorants, some are geared more toward odor protection while others are chemically formulated with an emphasis on stopping sweat.

For the 97%

Though nearly 8 million Americans do suffer from hyperhidrosis, the remaining 97% do not, which means they are effectively served by over-the-counter deodorants. If you don't consider your underarm sweat to be a debilitating condition, but you feel that most deodorants don't adequately address your level of sweat, gear your search toward products that advertise clinical strength on their label.

Degree is among the best brands for clinical strength protection and you are likely to find an effective product in their lineup—one that blocks sweat and smells great. Old Spice and Gillette also have effective formulas for individuals who sweat heavily. Find one you like, and adopt a good strategy for getting the most out of your deodorant.

Many people do not correctly apply deodorant, and so, they come to believe that it is ineffective. If you do not apply deodorant before going to bed at night, you are one of the many people who aren't properly utilizing their antiperspirant. Medical research has shown that applying a swipe at night and again in the morning has the best impact on preventing perspiration.

The reason for prebedtime application is sweat production. The body produces less sweat during resting hours. For this reason, deodorant applied at night absorbs into the sweat glands more fully. Reapplying in the morning extends the sweat-fighting time clock on the deodorant, and a third application in the early afternoon can keep sweat at bay all day long.

The 2%

You're among the 2% that if no application, night or day, of deodorant can prevent excess sweating. Don't worry. There is help for you. Do not confuse "clinical strength deodorant" with prescription strength. Many people believe that clinical strength, or industrial strength labels indicate more than they do.

However, the FDA will not approve any deodorant for over-the-counter sale which has more than 25% aluminum salt in it. There are prescription strength deodorants with far greater aluminum content, and these use the active ingredient in sweat fighting to help people with hyperhidrosis. No matter what your condition, there's a deodorant that will work for you; consult a doctor if necessary.