Janitorial supplies are typically one area in which the office budget may be slashed without causing any discomfort to your office staff. Whether your company employs its own cleaning staff, or you work with an outside company from whom you must supply their cleaning products and tools, finding ways to get the same products to which they have become accustomed for less is a great way to reduce the amount that your company spends annually on office supplies. By taking advantage of the following tips, you can end up reducing the amount that your company budgets for cleaning supplies significantly.

When choosing an online retailer, narrow down your search based on shipping costs. Though the costs of the products that they sell is, of course, important, considering how much delivery will cost can have a huge impact on your total bill. Many retailers offer shipping breaks, or even free shipping, to those who place large orders at once. In order to take advantage of this potential for savings, try to plan your cleaning supply usage and place one a few orders per year, as opposed to an order each time something is needed.

If you are working for a company that goes through a large volume of janitorial supplies each month, contact a customer service representative about any special bulk discounts that they can offer. In many cases, these representatives will have some latitude in pricing for their largest customers and may be able to get you better deals that you can find on their website or in their catalog. By taking a few extra minutes to place this call, you may end up saving a significant percentage off your order.

Consider ordering generic brands instead of brand names. These cleaning solutions will provide you with the same results but at a far lower price than their more recognizable counterparts. To save even more, ask about the possibility of ordering solutions in large quantities which may then be meted out into smaller amounts for your staff. This will allow customers to save on expensive packaging, as well as reduce the amount of plastic waste that they produce. Cleaning janitorial supplies are not the only area in which online ordering can save a company money. The fact that you will be opening yourself up to a more competitive marketplace means that you will often see lower pricing than one would when confining their search to local suppliers.