How to Avoid a Wet Bicycle Seat

If you own a bike, then consider bicycle covers as an investment not only in your bike but in your clothes as well.  For anyone who has had to ride their bike home after a downpour knows, that seat does not feel too good when it is all soaking wet.

It seems that no matter how much you dry it with a paper towel or whatever you have, you just don’t get that nice dry feeling while riding away.  This is especially bad for anyone with a slightly porous padded seat. 

If you have padded seats on your bike, then you know that lovely “damp” feeling you get a few blocks down the road as what seemed like a dry seat, lets your bottom know pretty quickly that it was not completely dry.

Using bicycle covers is one great way to avoid all of that.  There are many covers on the market now, some are specifically designed for mountain bikes or specialty bikes, but you don’t have to get those, you can get generic bicycle covers that are tough and will protect your bike from the elements.

These bike covers are especially handy if you can’t store your bike inside anywhere.  They will protect your bike from the winter months as well, if you get a good quality bicycle cover.   With the money that can be involved in a bicycle, you don’t want them to be left outside totally exposed.  You can’t help what mother nature throws at you while you are out riding, but you don’t have to let snow, ice and rain sit on your bike when you are not using it, or in the off season.

If you use your bike for work, many office buildings will let you bring your bike inside, but if not, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a bicycle cover with you.  You can get ones that fold up to be portable that you can slip in your bicycle handlebar bag or bicycle messenger bag and throw over your bike.  You just can’t predict the weather.

If you store your bike inside over the winter months, it wouldn’t hurt to cover it to keep dust off of it and the chain, so that come spring you don’t have as much work to do, to get your bike back out on the road.

It all depends on how you are going to store your bike.  You can get heavy duty ones if there is no choice but to store them outside in the backyard with the elements, these heavy duty bicycle covers will take snow and ice without ripping, but yet still offer ventilation to prevent mould.

Storing your bike inside would be the best way to go, but this is not always possibicycle coversble.  If you use your bike as everyday transport, and quite routinely have to wipe it down before using it, then getting a bicycle cover should be a treat for you! Weather Wrap Bicycle Cover

Take a look in your local bike accessory store or online at such sites as Amazon, and see all the different styles of bicycle covers that are on the market.  Some are lighter weight and designed for summer rains while parking your bike while doing errands, and others are designed for the heavy duty job of protecting your bike in the winter months or in storage.

I remember as a kid, having to use my bike after a heavy summer rain.  We had an old towel at the house to wipe the seat and handlebars down, but no matter how much I tried to dry the bicycle seat, I would feel that cold damp wet seeping through a few streets from my school, and then spend the day hiding the wet mark!  A bicycle cover would have been a welcome gift.  Also see cute helmet covers for kids.  This is a cool way to get them to wear their helmets all the time they are riding.