bigger lips

As people get older, subtle changes in their facial appearance begin to take place. These are commonly referred to as 'the signs of ageing'. One such sign is that the lips gradually become less plump. Many people may not be consciously aware of this, but plumper, fuller lips are one of a number of important details used by the human brain to decode that a person is younger.

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The reason for the physical change in the lips is a loss of collagen over time, which leads to a reduction in elasticity and bulk in the skin. Faced with this fact, there are a number of options for counteracting the effect. These options range from surgical to cosmetic. In other words, it is actually possible by means of surgical implants to enlarge the lips. On the other hand, an easier, less drastic approach would be to use make-up and skincare techniques to create the subtle impression that the lips are bigger, redder and more prominent.

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First of all, let's consider surgical implants. Traditionally this was done with collagen from animals, but a number of synthetic alternatives have now become available. There has also been some recent research demonstrating the possibility of taking tissue from elsewhere in the patient's own body and implanting it in the lips. The advantage of any surgical procedure is that it produces an actual physical change in the lips, not just an illusion. Of course, there is the expense of the surgery to consider, and there may be some temporary side effects, such as swelling and undesired reddening, as well as changes to the feel and shape of the lips. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that most of the treatments impart only a temporary change. In other words, after a certain time, perhaps a matter of months, the implanted material is absorbed by the body and the lips return to their original size. At that stage it would be necessary to spend more money and go back for a renewed course of treatment.

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An alternative to surgery is the wide range of cosmetic products that promise enhancement of the lips. Some products claim an actual increase in lip size but it appears this is not confirmed by all users to be true. However, one excellent method of getting bigger, fuller lips in no time is to gently massage them with a soft toothbrush. This technique, when combined with the use of attractive lip gels and lipsticks, can produce a temporary increase in plumpness and it is a method that can easily be adopted as part of
a normal everyday beauty routine.

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Yet, there are also other ways to acquire bigger fuller lips without using any of the above methods or products. For example, women can put on lipstick that has a light color. Or, they can line their outer lip rim without crossing the border of the lips.
Yet, if those are still not enough, women can also opt for lip augmentation. However, though, they will have to keep in mind that this method is particularly painful. Also, it tends to be quite costly.