Bike Racks That Kids Will Use

Tripping over a tangle of kids bikes is not fun.  Here are some bike storage solutions that just might be the easiest way to get your kids to put away their bikes.

Let’s face it, bicycles are expensive, but many kids literally live on their bikes to get to their friend’s houses and more.  We don’t want them to stop using them, as they are good exercise too, but when they just drop them on top of each other on the side of the driveway, or even worse, the middle of the driveway  when it is time to come in, then, there needs to be a bit of a system that will work.

You could nag them to open shed doors and garage doors and put away their bikes, or you could try and set up some kinds of bike storage solutions that will make life easier for you as well as your kids.

There are many fancy bike storage systems on the market, such as bike trees and wall mounted systems, but that is great for the adults who want their bikes off the floor and for longer storage, but for kids, who just want to leap off their bike and run inside, this is too many steps, plus you can’t expect little kids to pick their bikes up and hang them off of bike trees in the garage.

You need to set up a system, where they can literally ride their bike into the storage.  If you can purchase simple floor style bike racks that you could line up, depending on how many bikes are involved here, the kids could pretty well ride their bikes right into the parking spot.

Give each child a parking spot for their bike that they have to take care of.  At the end of the day or when they are not using their bike they have to park their bike into the bike racks.

The hard part for you, as the parent is coming up with a spot that works fBike Storage Solutionsor you and is still secure for the bikes.  Whether they come down the side yard and into the back yard, or whether you leave a shed door open for them until the day is over, or your garage if you tend to have to door open while the kids are out and about on their bike. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

Either way, if you can set up these bike racks, so that the kids don’t even have to get off their bike and can ride it right into the parking spot, then you’re piled up bike troubles should disappear.

When looking for bike storage solutions, you have to consider the age of the bike owners.  As cool as some of these other solution ideas are, they are not always practical for kids.  So, if you routinely have lots of kids and their bikes at your place, and maybe have run over a bicycle that was left in the driveway, then consider creating a parking area just for bikes that is easy to get to.

Clean away debris and create a parking area for their bikes off of the driveway, get them into the habit of using it.  With kids, the easier it is to use, the more likely it will be used.  Also see cute helmet covers for kids.  A really cool way to get them to wear their helmets all the time.