Where can you get free birth control pills?

Getting free birth control pills is important if you can't afford contraception and using birth control pills is doubly important if you can't afford an expensive baby (there are no other kinds of babies). Many woman are postponing children longer than ever to focus on school or career but they are also becoming more sexually active earlier in life.

Get Birth Control For Free

Birth control pills are not one size fits all. There are a number of options in contraception on the market and every woman should first visit with a doctor or medical professional to have the right type of contraception proscribed for their body size, type and needs.

Once you are sure of what you need, there are six good potential sources for free or low cost birth control pills in the United States.

Planned Parenthood has a national chain of clinics dedicated to advancing the cause of reducing unplanned pregnancy. These clinics can offer assistance on a private basis, even to minors, often on a free basis. You may need to provide identification including proof of residency and income to get low cost or free birth control pills and other contraception options.

University Health Centers are another good source of free or reduced cost birth control. Obviously safe sexual activity is a big issue among young adults so many arger schools offer a free or low cost health care service for their students that includes reduced cost or free birth control pills. If your school has a health center, or even a nurse, go book a consultation to find out what the school's program can offer you.

Check online as some companies will ship free samples. This is restricted in some states where a doctor must authorize the sale of the pill.

Ask Your Doctor for samples. Many drug companies ply doctors with boxes of drug samples. Your doctor may be willing to supply you with more than one sample pack if the doctor knows you can't really afford to fill a proscription.

Ask Loved Ones. A parent may be willing to pay for birth control pills since they are very interested in not having a grandchild prematurely. This can be touchy though depending on your relationship with your parents and their acceptance of your sexual activity.

Ask Your Partner. If you care enough about your partner to be doing the horizontal recreation than discussing and sharing the cost of the pill should not be a problem. Are you are worth enough to him to be protected from unplanned pregnancy? If he expresses any hesitation mention the pill is cheaper than child support and run away from the loser. Being with a man who will or can not take enough care of you to cover the pill is just too dangerous to be worth a little fun.

Warnings. Remember that the birth control pill can not protect against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The pill is not fool proof and does fail from time to time. Abstaining from sexual activity is the only way to 100% avoid pregnancy. Birth control pills can cause unwanted side effects in women. Consult your doctor before starting on any birth control pill.

If you forgot to get your free birth control pills and think you might be pregnant, check out the early signs of pregnancy.   You may also find it easier to get free condoms from government harm reduction programs than to get totally free birth control pills.


Some people are not in favor of access to free birth control