Are you tired of having yellow stained teeth that show your age? Why not get brite white teeth? Your teeth say a lot about you and how well you take care of yourself, let your dazzling smile be the first thing others notice about you.

How to Get White Teeth

There are many options for getting whiter teeth, but be sure to do your research before selecting tooth whitening system because both effectiveness and price vary greatly.

In Office Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening will require one or many trips to your dentist office and several bills for the procedure. There are a few procdures to choose from including in office bleaching, and laser whitening. While in office treatments give the best results of all the tooth whitening options there are a few drawbacks. The most significant is the cost. Expect to pay at least $300 for professional in office tooth whitening procedures, up to $650 depending on the number of visits needed. Another major drawback is that in office procedures can cause major tooth sensitivity and gum irritation for up to three days after the procedure. While the side effects of in office bleaching and laser procedures do not occur with everyone, those affected seem to feel that the cost and discomfort involved did not justify professional treatments.

There is a second option for professional tooth whitening which is professionally dispensed take home whitening kits. The dentist takes a compression of your teeth and makes a custom tray for you to use a hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten teeth at home and then offers follow up care. The cost runs from between $100 to $300 dollars including follow up care in the office. The percentage of hydrogen peroxide used in the whitening gel is lower than for in office procedures, so there tends to be fewer complications and sensitivity.

At Home Tooth Whitening

A still cheaper and relatively effective choice is to select one on of the many home whitening products available. Home kits come in trays, strips and paint on solutions, as well as whitening tooth pastes. If you have either moderately or lightly yellowed teeth you will be able to get white teeth at home using one of these methods for a huge savings over in-office tooth bleaching.

The advantages of in home whitening are many, but cost and convenience are the two most notable. In home whitening kits run between $10 and $25 at most, while there are usually coupons in the Sunday papers for $5 off at least once a month. Many users report that the white teeth lightning kits sold in drugstores do an effective job in removing stains and discoloration without the sensitivity found in professional tooth whitening procedures.

Home Tooth Whitening Remedies

If you are really strapped for cash, or would prefer a home tooth whitening remedy rather than the best commercially prepared tooth whitening kits, you can read more about home tooth whitening remedies for brightening your smile.

So there you have it, the choice is yours. You will get a much lighter smile regardless of which way you go. The price will vary widely from just a few cents to hundreds of dollars.