Get Cash Back with Big Crumbs

Cash Back

If you enjoy shopping and like the idea of getting paid then you might want to read on. Big Crumbs is a website that allows you to join for FREE and get cash back when you buy items from over 400 online retailers. These retailers include: Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, Staples, and EBay just to name a few. Each retailer's offers a different percentage of cash back and it tells you before you click on the retailer's website how much you can earn depending if you are a Crumb Saver or Crumb Earner. I'll tell you more about the two types of membership later. You are able to save even more with special offers that include discounts as high as 80% off, free shipping and more. Big Crumbs is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Ireland.

How it Works

Get Cash Back with Big CrumbsYou create an account and then next time you want to buy something from say Wal-Mart, you first sign into your Big Crumbs account and then click on Wal-Mart. This way you have linked your Big Crumbs account to Wal-Mart's website and then once you make a purchase you will get a percentage cash back. Big Crumbs pay you through Pay Pal, so make sure you have a Pay Pal account. If not then go to and create an account. Big Crumbs pays you monthly around the 15th of the month no matter what the balance is. No minimum balance to get paid.

Members who exceed $600 in payments during a calendar year will receive a 1099. For those members, Big Crumbs will request additional information as required to complete the 1099. Members earning less than $600 in a calendar year will not receive a 1099.

Crumb Saver or Earner?

There are two types of accounts with Big Crumbs - Crumb Saver or Crumb Earner. You automatically are a crumb saver when you register and can switch to an earner anytime. But once you switch to earner you can not switch back to a saver. So it's very important to decide which membership you will benefit from the most. Crumb Saver earns cash back on their shopping and commissions on the shopping of any friends directly referred. You earn the maximum cash back amount possible. A Crumb Earner earn money back on your shopping, although at a lower rate than Crumb Savers but earn when your referrals shop and when their referrals shop, and so on up to 5 generations.

Example of Savings with eBay

Crumb Savers earn 36% of the seller's EBay fees in cash back when you shop and 4% of the seller's fees when your direct referrals shop. Crumb Earners earn 20% of the seller's fees in cash back when you shop and 4% of the seller's fees when your direct referrals shop.

Refer a Friend

When you refer family and friends, you not only give them the chance to start getting great deals and earning cash back but you get cash on what they purchase forever! Simply ask your referrals to enter your member name, your Big Crumbs User ID when they register. You can also use the Referral Link to quickly create e-mail invitations containing links to When your friends click the link and join, you'll be automatically credited with the referral.