Get Cheap Return Flights

There are a few ways to get Cheap Return Flights and its well worth trying all avenues. Air travel can get very expensive with single tickets, return flights, travel insurance, hotels and many other costs all adding up. Therefore people like you and me are always looking for ways to minimise our costs and very often booking different parts of the overall holiday or journey separately is the way to go. This is true in some cases but also not all the time.

It is important to remember that for most trips the whole round trip is normally the cheapest option. If you are going somewhere and you already know the date you wish to return then your best option will be to simply book it all in one go. Getting a one way ticket is normally a lot more expensive. Sometimes you might fly somewhere and have a projected return date during a certain week. You could and should just book the flights for the last day of that week. If something happens and you need to leave earlier it can often be adjusted for an earlier flight for a small admin cost. This will save you a lot more money then if you just had to book another ticket on its own.

Another option is to try and fly standby. If you are really eager to return home then waiting at the airport for a spare seat is highly suggested. It may involve a lot of waiting around for many hours however you may save up to about 50% on your ticket. A good tip to get a standby flight quicker then normal is to go on standby during the early hours such as from 1am-6am. People in general don't like to fly at that time of the night and you will find a lot more empty planes around that time.

Ticket consolidators will normally buy blocks of obtainable seats for discount prices that they can then sell on to you. These are quite easy to book and you can normally now use a website of a ticket consolidator to make you're booking. This will save you a lot of money but do remember that they are normally low budget seating and this is only really to popular cities such as London, New York, Paris, Madrid and similar.

Overall there are several different option for you to explore in your quest for cheap return flights. Just remember if your going on holiday to get hold of some good cameras to capture all your great moments, I would highly suggest a Kodak Playsport ZX3 and a Canon Powershot