Functional and Stylish

As many people take on a kitchen remodel, many are going back to a more practical style. If you use your kitchen all the time, then a farmhouse kitchen sink can make a great addition to your kitchen. But if you are also looking for old world styling or an antique style, then consider getting a copper farmhouse kitchen sink.

These styles of sink are very practical, and work well for the person who uses their kitchen all the time. Whether you are cooking dinner for a large family or you like to grow and can or freeze your own vegetables. The large sink works well. I remember as a child being sent to the laundry room sink in the basement to wash large amounts of dishes or clean vegetables for processing because the kitchen sink was simply too small.

When the dishwasher showed up on the seen, the larger sink tended to fade away, as the space for washing dishes was not needed anymore. But these sinks are not just for washing dishes. With people spending more time on healthy meals at home, the typical kitchen sink may not be big enough.

If this sounds like you, then you have many choices now when it comes to the kitchen sink. The advantages of this style of sink are numerous. They are much deeper, and usually wider. If you had room for a double width typical stainless steel sink, then you should be able to accommodate this farmhouse kitchen sink style. You don't have to sacrifice styling for function.

Although the most common surface color is white for these sinks, you don't have to go that route. Copper has become quite popular, and if you are looking for an antique styling, especially with darker cabinets, this looks stunning. A copper farmhouse kitchen sink, is not only beautiful, but so useful. It stands up to all kinds of abuse, and the best way to clean a copper sink, is with soap and water.

You can get different types of copper that fit your decorating needs, such as hammered copper or the shiny copper finish. It all depends on the look you are going for, but the hammered copper fits well into a "antique" kitchen style.

You can get these sinks with a apron on the front, meaning that your counter top is actually separated by this sink. They can be purchased in different widths, but are always deep.

Having a deep sink works well for any kitchen that gets used a lot. But with the copper patina and styling, all you need to do is add a copper pot rack for the ceiling and some really cool copper or dark faucet set accessories, and this will look stunning in your kitchen.Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

So, if you want to remodel your kitchen to look amazing, but at the same time want the space to be usable and totally functional, then consider purchasing practical items that look nice such as the copper farmhouse kitchen sink, and a copper pot rack.Houzer HW-COP11 Hammerworks 32-by-21-Inch Single Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Antique Copper

By adding a pot rack to your decor, you not only save cabinet space (getting all those pots and pans out of the drawers and cupboards) but if you add some really cool copper bottom pots and pans, to the hooks, it will also add to the decor and theme of your antique kitchen, and yet be totally functional.  Also see Farmhouse Kitchen Tables for more great kitchen ideas.