Fresh herbs are a gourmet cook's delight, and nothing can be fresher and more convenient than having an indoor herb garden close at hand. Being able to snip off just the amount you need and adding it directly to your food as you're cooking or serving simply can't be beat. And as an added bonus, your indoor herb garden can actually be quite decorative. You certainly don't have to use boring old pots in which to grow your herbs. Why not get creative with your indoor herb garden pots and make them coordinate with your decor or stand out as an attractive accent piece.

The plants you select for your herb gardening project will dictate the type of pot you choose to a certain extent, especially its size. For example, rosemary is an aromatic herb that is frequently used as an ornamental shrub when planted outdoors since it can become rather large, much bigger than you might think an herb could grow, actually. So when it comes to indoor herb garden pots, rosemary needs its own individual pot, whereas other herbs such as cilantro, basil, oregano, and parsley can more easily share a container with each other.

Another herb that needs individual indoor herb garden pots is thyme, because it has a tendency to get a little thick and wild. It also stays near to the soil, similar to ground cover. Different varieties of mint can share pots with each other; however you won't want to mix them with other types of plants as they grow profusely and will completely take over.

If you purchase an indoor herb garden kit such as the Chia herb garden system or a terrarium style setup, the containers are included along with everything else you need. But if you're starting from scratch, rather than purchasing run of the mill pots made of clay, you might want to consider converting an existing container into a planter. For example, use a cup or bowl from your dinnerware and turn it into a unique herb pot, with the added benefit of matching your tableware and decor. Some other items you can convert into distinctive indoor herb garden pots are old mason jars, teacups, plastic lined baskets, or even an old shoe.

These kinds of things will need to be modified somewhat, though, if you want your herbs to thrive. Your plants will require adequate room to spread out in their container and they need soil that's well drained along with lots of natural daylight. You might want to drill a hole in the base of the items you would like to use as pots for your herbs in order to give them better drainage.

As well, there are lots of indoor herb garden pots available in stores and online that are quite attractive. For instance, there are some that are constructed like strawberry pots so that you can grow a variety of herbs in the same container. Other containers might feature an attractive design with a splash of color to liven them up. No matter what you decide to go with, you'll enjoy the benefits of both yummy fresh herbs and a decorative accent for your home.