Government auto auctions are a great place to get real bargains, or at least, they were. These days it seems that there are more and more people looking for capitalize on the savings at these types of vehicle events. You should know that there are some great ways to save money when you purchase the vehicles like this. There are generally no guarantees at government auto auctions, so you need to bid carefully. While there are many online sites that claim to sell seized vehicles, many of them just don't deliver. If you are looking to purchase a great seized vehicle locally, here's how to get the best deals for the best prices at government auto auctions, in your area.

Go to the government auto auctions early, so you have plenty of time to inspect the vehicles ahead of time. Don't rely on the auctioneer's say so that the seized vehicle runs well. You will want to listen to the vehicle run, listening carefully for any and all signs of engine troubles. Buying a lemon at a government auto auction can be an expensive lesson.

Of course, there is much more to inspection of seized vehicles than the motors. Check out the physical condition of the automobile. Some of them will be in very good shape, while others will have many needed repairs. You will want to carefully assess the damages, and get a good estimate of the cost of repairs. If you are not knowledgeable in this sort of thing, take a friend with you to the government auto auction.

Bring blue book value guide with you to the government auto auctions. This way, you can see what the actual value of the vehicle is before you make a bid. If you overpay and end up with some old junk cars for sale, you surely will not be getting a bargain. Some of the vehicles will sell for a fair price, they won't all be bargains.

Make a list of the seized vehicles that you are interested in at the government auto auctions. Try to keep your choices limited, unless you plan on purchasing multiple vehicles. You can make money on the seized vehicles at these sales, but if you are just purchasing one, it's best to have five or less on your list. Make sure you can live with the ones you choose, and try not to get attached to any of them. Government auto auctions have many cars to choose from, so it's a good way to get cars under $1,000.

On your list, you will want to list the vehicle, the cost of repairs, and blue book value of the vehicle. Before the bidding begins at the government auto auction, you will want to add the highest amount you are willing to pay to your list. This way, you will have less chances of getting sucked into a bidding war, and overpaying at the government auto auction.

Make your bids carefully, and avoid the temptation to go over the price you set, so you get a great deal at government auto auctions. If the first car on your list goes to someone else, move on to the next one. Don't get emotionally involved when making your bids at government auto auctions.

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