You really can get dirt cheap airline tickets if you are willing to put a little time and effort into your search. In fact, steep discounts are getting pretty easy to find these days. If some traveling is in your near future, you really should look at ways to get your flight at a reduced rate. Saving money on your airplane ride only makes sense. Here's how to get dirt cheap airline tickets.

1. Online sites: Orbitz, Priceline, and a whole slew of others can get you on an airplane for less money, in many cases. Check out these sites to see if you can get in on the dirt cheap airline tickets.

2. Student rate reductions: Yes, you can get on an airplane for less if you are a student. Student discount travel is really catching on. In fact, there are many online sites dedicated to getting dirt cheap airline tickets for students. Even some of the powerhouses, like Orbitz are now offering a student discount on airplane flights.

3. Other discounts: There really are several discounts out there, so you can find dirt cheap airline tickets. Don't expect the companies to simply offer them to you. You will need to take the initiative and ask. Seniors, military personnel, and government employees may all be able to get dirt cheap airline tickets so they can save money on their next airplane flight.

4. Smaller budget providers: Sometimes, the best way to get dirt cheap airline tickets is to book your next airplane flight with a small, less known company. By doing this, you really can get a great deal on your flight, and save some money in the process. The little companies need to offer reduced rates to keep up with the big boys, giving you a chance to book your next flight for less money. This really is a great way to get dirt cheap airline tickets.

5. Minimize luggage: Many of the larger providers are now charging additional fees for luggage. If you are looking for dirt cheap airline tickets, you want to eliminate these types of charges. Try to pack nothing more than a carry on for your next flight.

6. Ask about hidden fees: There are hidden charges with many companies out there, so if you' re looking for dirt cheap airline tickets, you will want to avoid them. Ask for the total amount you'll pay, not just the advertised amount.

When you are looking for dirt cheap airline tickets, it really is important to know where to look, and what to look for. You really can save some money on your next flight. Flying on an airplane doesn't have to break the bank.