You are not stuck with the high cost of medications. There are ways you can get discount medications. This includes working with your health care providers to provide samples and generic drugs. Here are some ideas that may help you ease up on medication costs and save you money.

Things You Will Need

Prescription and Insurance or Discount Medication Card
AARP membership

Step 1

Become a member of a group. Frequently groups like AARP offer discounts on medications, including over the counter medications.

Step 2

Refer to your drug formulary plan or at least become familiar with the different tiers of prescriptions available. Often your doctor does not know this, so you will have to know this information. This is available online at the insurance company's website or was sent with your initial contract.

Step 3

Ask the pharmacist the cost of your medication before filling any prescription. If it is a significant amount, phone the doctor's office and ask the doctor to call in a generic or lower-cost alternative. They are often happy to do this and only prescribe a certain kind of drug because it is new or different. Your pharmacist can also give you a list of similar medications with costs.

Step 4

Get familiar with the generic discount drug list for major retailers and grocery chains. There are many available from $4 to $20 for 30 to 90 day medications.

Step 5

ave your doctor write out a 90-day prescription for medications you take regularly. You can go online and fill out an order form on that company's website and send it by mail. Then, send it in to the mail order pharmacy that your health insurance carrier uses. This takes normally 14 business days to complete.

Step 6

Fill medications at an Internet retailer in the country. Compare rates for the prescription before actually filling the prescription to see if you are getting the best discounts.

Medications do not have to break the bank. Maybe it is just a matter of taking your own good health into your own hands and getting off some medications in the process. Ask your doctor what you can do to free yourself from high cost of medications. Good luck!

Tips & Warnings

  • Call the number on the back of your insurance card if you are unsure a prescription is covered or what your share is.
    Use your FSA health savings account benefits as this money is not taxable and will stretch further
  • Be aware of your prescription deductibles and copays before you have your prescription filled. You can do this online.