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There is nothing better than going to a great movie to start the weekend.  During the summer, a great movie can get you in out of the sun and give you something to talk about around the water cooler on Monday.  Movies have gotten quite expensive lately with some movie theatres charging more than 12 dollars and if you go to see a movie in 3-D, there is an additional charge.  By the time you buy popcorn and a drink you are spending 35 to 40 dollars for two people.  When you need to save money on movies there are many ways to get discounts.

Matinee Movies- You can instantly save money on movies if you don’t mind going earlier in the day.  These tickets are discounted by 30 percent or more.  There are several movie theatres that have bargain times in which you can save up to 50 percent on the price of a ticket.  Forget late nights shows and try midday movies.  You will save big.

Military Discounts-Just about every movie theatre offers military discounts.  This can save you from one to three dollars off of your ticket.  Make sure that you bring your military ID  with you when you purchase your tickets; as that is a requirement to get the discount.  These discounts are not only good for you, but your family members as well.

Credit Card Points-Your rewards points accumulated by using your credit card can be redeemed for many items.  One of the items offered by many credit card companies is movie tickets.  You can get VIP movie tickets which entitle you to see any movie of your choosing at certain theatres absolutely free.  For minimal points you get a pair of tickets.  So redeem those points and get those tickets.

Students and Seniors-There are some categories that also give you discounts at the movie theatre and two of those are Students and Senior Citizens.  If you show your student ID or your Driver’s License to verify your age you can get these discounts. 

Movie Clubs-Many theatres offer you the chance to sign up for their movie club cards.  You get points each time you come to the movie theatre and buy tickets or purchase food at the concession stand.  Once you have reached a certain amount of points you can get free movie tickets as well as free food.

            Going to the movies is fun enjoyed by all.  What makes the movies even better is discounted or free tickets.  There are many ways for you to take advantage of these bargains.  Using some of the methods above you can be entertained at little or no cost to you.  Now isn’t that the best way to see a movie?  Of course it is.