There is a new platform that has emerged on the net in late 2008 and mainly in 2009 that is very useful for generating dofollow backlinks to your blogs, articles, and money making online content. No matter where you post your content on the web if the goal is to attract targeted search traffic and monetize it in some way you need to have SEO in mind. On-page SEO though it is important however will only take you so far. To rank high in the major search engines you need to focus your efforts on getting dofollow backlinks which are keyword anchored. Among all the options online InfoBarrel is fast becoming a dominant source for these backlinks.

InfoBarrel is able to not only produce anchored, in-context, dofollow backlinks but it is based on a revenue sharing model like many of its competitors such as eHow, HubPages, Busika, and Xomba. What sets this site apart however is the revenue share spit which starts off at 75 percent and can get as high as 90 percent with monthly contests. The company also allows residual income based on referrals which can pad your earnings month after month.

To get dofollow backlinks from InfoBarrel all your have to do is write an article which is greater than 250 words though preferably you should not publish anything under 250. In your published article you can link to two self-searing links in the body of the article as well as an additional link from your bio line. This basically means that you can write one 400 word article, make money on it, and get three dofollow backlinks to raise other articles you have published on the web up in the SERPs.

Publishing on InfoBarrel is quite easy compared to other sites like eHow. Their publishing tool is very easy to use and seems to work without error. The first published articles will be reviewed manually by a human on staff. This process is quite efficient and once ten articles are published successfully all publications go live immediately. This keeps the quality up and keeps the SERPs ranking InfoBarrel higher and higher.

Because InfoBarrel is a newer revenue share website there are fewer article titles taken thus getting your desired keyword and URL is easier than others. This makes for earning money on InfoBarrel easier and allows for more relevant pages to backlink your other article sites from helping to dramatically increase your InfoBarrel earnings potential. Personally I have been writing for InfoBarrel since late 2009 and they seem to be moving forward with their business model quite nicely. I definitely recommend signing up for Infobarrel and posting articles for their dofollow backlinks and their residual income earning potential.

If you'd like to read more of my initial impressions of Infobarrel check out my post on using InfoBarrel for residual earnings and backlinks and signup for an InfoBarrel account today and start building your backlink profile.