So you want to get Famous on Youtube?

Here are the steps you need to take to help ensure your fame!

1) Pick an easy-to-remember name

2) Make sure all the comments you make with that name are positive and polite, nobody likes a rude celebrity!

3) Create some entertaining videos! You have to find a niche which YOU are interested in... for example, any hobbies you like to do. Art? Sport? News? Your choices are unlimited, just pick one and get filming!

4) Make sure they are unique! The more unique they are, the less competition they get from the others.

5) Pick a popular topic everyone wants to know about. Whether this is Lady Gaga's latest outrageous clothes, to the cat who visits your garden to steal your carrots, try to make it something people want to watch. Remember, the more people who search for it, the more likely they will find your video.

6) Advertise yourself on youtube!
You got to sell yourself, go around youtube and spread your name (in a non-spamlike manner). If you are polite and go around this sensibly, you are sure to increase your page views every day.

7) Post Video Responses. Did you know lots of viewers will just click whatever they see on their screen? What happens if there's a video right in front of them waiting to be clicked? Bam! Another viewer has clicked onto your video! Make sure you use this properly and post relevent video responses, otherwise you will lose popularity!

8) Create a brand name so people will remember you longer. Most of the time, the username is something strange like xxlov78puppiesxx. These names are hard to remember and look unprofessional. If you want people to take you seriously, make a brand name for yourself. Thekettlepotmonster, for example! I made that one up on the spot.

9) Use a good quality video camera and film with a steady hand. There's nothing more repulsive than a shaky hand camera, at least set it down on a table so your viewers won't get motion sickness!

10) Lastly, be positive! Be creative!

You never know when inspiration will hit you, so have that camera on you 24/7 and you could catch the next youtube sensation of 2010!

Keep on filming!