My Fitness Background: The Route To Being Fit

After a night in Paris where I had to bike for more than 10 minutes, I couldn't believe how out of shape I was. Sure I had a little bit of drinking under my belt that night. But I was out of breath after less than a block and that didn't seem ok. I knew I could do better, I just lost it all because of my sedentary life : I drove everywhere instead of taking public transportation and I was partying a lot (a lot of drinking involved).

So from there, I made the decision to get fit although my motivation wasn't there. To trick myself into thinking I was doing a sport, I signed up for archery but I was just lying to myself. Although I love archery and it is a sport, it's not a goto sport for cardio training, what I was really looking for to get my body in shape. I also joined a martial art class with a friend but Qi gong works on your inner strength and balance. The results were good but nothing close to helping me biking in the middle of the night to catch the last bus in Paris.

I also tried to buy a stepper but it was very boring to train at home and my mind wasn't into it. I needed a real incentive. In 2012, I was so stressed out at work that I needed something to calm me down and I started running every other day. It was really hard at first, I could not run more than a few minutes before being completely out of breath. I had to alternate running and walking and work my way up to a longer run. One of my friends finished her first 10km race earlier that year and it inspired me to do the same.

FOCUS T25Credit:

After a few weeks, I had running to stop because of an old injury in my right foot. I had broken a bone in my foot a year before and I feel like it never completely healed.  I bought a bike and used it to commute to my workplace and visit friends. Then, when winter came with rain, I had to find something else to focus my energy into and I signed up for a fitness class with a friend. It was the first time for both of us and it was a bit intimidating to show up in a class full of fit people. Thankfully it was not the case, other people were getting back into shape just like us and I must admit it was pretty fun and made me move my foot in a better way so I could run again. I finished my first 10km race in April 2013 and I was very proud of myself.

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No More Time For Sport: What To Do ?

After that race, my schedule became stressfull. I lasted 4 months in that fitness class until I didn't have time to go there for one hour and then go home and shower, which would take me a total of 2 to 2.5 hour. It was extremely time-consuming and I couldn't afford to waste that much time because work was turning out to be really crazy. I spent a summer just working and walking a lot, focusing on photography in my down time. But I didn't want to regain the fat I worked so hard to get rid of. I still went for runs from time to time but I have a runner's knee and it hurts when I run. The impact of running is a bit to hard on me.

So I was looking for something to do. There are lots of apps for smartphones but I could not stick to one because I would get bored really fast. And then Shaun T released his brand new workout program Focus T25. I knew him from the Insanity workout but it wasn't for me. He also has good programs of dance fitness Hip Hop Abs and Rockin' Body that I like but they are a bit too long for me to squeeze into my schedule. 

Focus T25 Is A No-Excuse Kind of Workout

T25 is only 25 minutes a day (+ 3min of stretching), five days a week (although it's more 6 workouts of 25 min a week). I said to myself "I can commit to that. Workout 25 minutes, stretch and jump into the shower and be done".

For anyone, it's possible to find 25 minutes to workout. Take that half hour sitting in front of your computer to workout and you're done with it before even realizing it. It's that simple and it's hard to find an excuse for not working out. Watching 5 youtube videos and realizing I had wasting my time instead of working out, that's not a good excuse and I know it.

I have been following the T25 workout for 5 weeks now and I'm entering the second part (beta part) of the workout. My abs are showing now and I cannot help feeling great. I am still expecting my fat on my lower abs to burn by the time I finish the program though. The results are showing, I'm floating in my old jeans and I am going to wait before buying new clothes that will fit me better. I haven't even used any equipments so it's also perfect for people who travel. You can do it in a hotel room with a DVD player or your laptop, it's that simple.

For people who have problem with jumping or following an intense workout, this is the program for you. When I want to preserve my knee from jumps, I follow the modified version of the workout and it still works because this workout focuses on the form of the body. The better the form your body has, the better the results will be. I go back and forth between the Shaun T's version and the modified version and I still sweat a lot. 

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get in shape or stay in shape.

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If you had time to watch the video, you would have had time to do a T25 workout. All you have to do is commit to it and you will be able to do it. It is really that simple, push play, do the workout and you will feel better than ever. It might be hard to get back into shape at first but you won't regret it. I know I feel great now and I'm very thankful for this workout.