There are some ways to get four wheelers for low prices without simply getting lucky. If you need to find your next ATV cheap, there are plenty of things you will need to consider. While nothing is going to work for everyone, every single time, there are some methods you can explore to help you save money. If you are attempting to get a new quad on a budget, here are some suggestions you may want to look at. Here's how to find four wheelers for low prices.

Go Old

There's nothing wrong with getting a little older ATV to help keep the cost down. If you are looking at four wheelers for low prices, there's a good chance this will be your only hope. In it's very possible to keep the cost under $1,000 with this method – maybe even less! If you are willing to go really old, perhaps a mid 80's Suzuki 125, you may get into the $500 range for a decent shape, running quad. It's a great way to get four wheelers for low prices.  Heck, you might even want to check out the old Honda ATC Big Red three wheeler.

Depending on the amount you are looking to pay, you may want to stick in the 80's to early 90's. You'll find some decent four wheelers for low prices from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, just to name a few. Look for these years and you will generally find the cost to be substantially cheaper. As you creep into the mid 90's, the cost will jump dramatically. Just keep this in mind as you search for four wheelers for low prices. You really can find some cheap models if you are willing to go with an older unit.

Go Small

If you are looking at four wheelers for low prices, it may be advantageous to go with a smaller engine size, or physically smaller quad, like is common with Chinese Kazuma ATV's. If you are simply looking for something to ride around on the trails and perhaps do some light work around the yard, a 250cc ATV should be plenty big. In fact, as noted earlier, you could even go with a 125cc Suzuki. Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki also have made several different quads in this basic engine size. Yamaha, for example, produced a moto4 225 for many years. You can still find many of them on the trails today. Honda has made 200cc and 250cc sizes for decades now, so you can find four wheelers for low prices by going a little smaller. It really depends on what you are using the quad for. If you can get by with a smaller motor, you can save tons of money this way and find four wheelers for low prices without too much trouble.

Of course, if you are looking at going really small, perhaps with a name brand kids ATV, you can find four wheelers for low prices much easier. Many of the old fourtrax 70cc and 90cc all terrain vehicles are still running strong, giving you a chance to find a great deal. The Suzuki LT brands have been around for years and are still available just about anywhere that used quads are sold. You can find great deals and four wheelers for low prices if you are looking at kids models.  If you want to spend a lot less money, perhaps you should look at off brand kids ATV's.

2 Wheel Drive

If you are looking at four wheelers for low prices, you will generally need to stay away from 4 wheel drive models. The cost is substantially higher on 4wd models when new, so it makes sense that used models will follow suit. You can expect to pay a lot less for 2 wheel drive. If you are simply looking at some trial riding and don't plan on going through the mud and slop, or plowing snow, you'll probably be just fine. If you desire four wheelers at low prices, this will be one of the main ways to save money.  This is common with entry level quadsfor sale.

Sporty Models

Sporty models are generally less expensive than utility models. Of course, this isn't always the case, but you will typically find four wheelers for low prices this way. For example, it's not too hard to find a Yamaha Blaster in decent condition for under $1,000 these days. You could check out the Yamaha Raptor lineup as well.  This model combines a small (but very snappy) 200cc motor with a slightly smaller chassis. This meant the initial new pricing was less than most utility models. This translates to a cheaper cost on the used models. If you are looking at four wheelers for low prices, this is a great way to save some money.  You can find atv's under 600 dollars this way.

What About 3 Wheels?

So, you are looking for four wheelers for low prices? Have you considered a three wheeled trike? Back in the 80's, this was the only way to go. Honda, for example, had the ATC's like the Big Red and Yamaha had their Tri-Z models. You had one wheel up front and two in the back. They haven't been made since about 1987, so anything you find will generally be well used. Today, you can buy 250cc motor scooter trikes, or check out the 300cc Magnum Ice Bear Trike. You can still find the old ones out there for sale pretty cheap. In most areas, you can ride them on the trails. Some were even made to be workhorses and could be used for medium duty yard or farm work. It's worth checking out when you are looking at four wheelers for low prices. Go ahead and check out the vintage three wheeled rides for sale.

Go Chinese

If you don't mind getting an off brand, you will be able to buy brand spanking new four wheelers for low prices. In fact, you can get adult size models in the $1500 range if you look good and hard. Generally speaking, you will be buying a machine that is of lesser quality, but may still last you for years to come. Best of all, you can ride them for several years and sell them for decent percentage of what you paid when bought new. The things you must consider before you go Chinese for four wheelers for low prices is availability of parts and repair shops that are willing to work on them. Luckily, the Chinese ATV market has taken off in recent years, making it much easier to find parts and shops that will perform service on them. Keep the Chinese quads in mind when you search for four wheelers for low prices.  You may want to check out aChinese ATV review from an actual owner or two first.

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