It's true, you can get free CPR classes in a number of different places. While certification may cost you a few bucks, there are ways to get that at no charge as well. This is something everyone should really know about. This life saving technique should be known by parents, employees, and just about anyone else. With free CPR classes available, there really is no excuse not to learn. You just may be able to save a life some day, thanks to the free CPR classes you find.

Local Health Department:

This is one of the first places to look for free CPR classes. By simply making a phone call to your local health department, you can find out when and where the free CPR classes are available. While the courses may not always be available at no charge, many communities have specific times each year that they are. You may be able to get free CPR classes this way.

The American Heart Association:

The American Heart Association has offered free CPR classes in the past, typically the first week of April. Go online or call to see what you can find out when the courses will be offered in your area.

Hospitals, Fire Departments:

From time to time, local hospitals or fire departments will offer free CPR classes. While they may charge for actual certification, you will often be able to learn the basics at no charge. Times and dates are typically limited, so make a phone call or two and see what you can find out. Free CPR classes can be found this way.

American Red Cross:

This is another great source for free CPR classes. They have been offered from time to time in the past, and may be offered again in the future. If nothing else, they have a great website with tons of useful information, where you can learn the basics.

Employee programs:

You may be able to get free CPR classes through your employer. In some cases, you may even be able to get the certification at no charge. This is something to look into the next time you go to work. Check through your policy manual thoroughly, you may be surprised to learn that you can get free CPR classes this way. Some employer will also reimburse the training and cost of courses.


While you will generally have a little trouble finding free CPR classes online, there are some possibilities. You will need to look carefully because many online sites will charge to take the actual courses, but offer pictures and photos at no charge. The photos and diagrams will help you learn this valuable skill, teaching you the basics. You may find free CPR classes available online.

As you can see, you have some options available for free CPR classes. While you may not get the certification at no charge, you can learn a great life saving skill. Keep your eyes open, you sure to find free CPR classes available in your local area.