Actually, I learned how to get free lunch everyday of the year when I was watching a rerun of the American sitcom "The Jeffersons" TV show. Almost everyone in business knows when secretary's day is. But do you know when National Doormen's (or Doorwomen) Day is? Well, maybe those in New York City know if they live in one of those posh high-rise condominiums.


Step 1 - Send an individual email to each of the 365 residents reminding them about National Doormen's Day and how much you are looking forward to their taking you to lunch in appreciation for your year's of service. Each email will have a different day of the year described as National Doormen's Day e.g., January 1st, January 2nd...December 31st.

Step 2 - Follow-up with each resident at least three days in advance to remind them you are still looking forward to their taking you to lunch in honor of your very special day--National Doormen's Day.

Step 3 - As a favor to your residents, make reservations at the restaurants of your choice well in advance to ensure plans go well.

Step 4 - Be sure to thank your host for the fabulous dining experience.

Step 5 - This step is optional, you might leave the tip. Of course, that would come out of the tip jar back at work.

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