Donald Trump is one of the richest men in the world with an estimated net worth of $2.9 Billion along with an annual salary of $60 million. Donald Trump made all his money as a New York City real estate developer and specialized in taking pieces on land which were derelict or underdeveloped and then turning them into office spaces or luxury apartments. The multimillionaire also has property all over the world and some of his most coveted developments include the Trump Tower which is valued at $288 million and the Trump World Tower which is valued at $290 million. The millionaire became an A-listed multimillionaire-celebrity after starring in the hit TV reality show The Apprentice where 13 candidates battle it out for 13 weeks for one job within the Trump organization.

Free Money from Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an active philanthropist and has given away millions to worthy causes. The multimillionaire has now created a crowd funding site where people can ask other people for money. Donald Trump regularly visits this site and has donated large amounts of money to help people in need. If you’re experiencing hardship and need some extra money then you could try to turn your attention to crowd funding. One point to mention is that you need to have a legitimate need to publish a hardship online. Here is the process if you’re thinking about taking part.

Step 1 Launch Your Campaign

The first step is to launch your campaign, you need to think about your hardship and reflect on whether you really need the money. If you’ve got no assets, no savings and no friends or family who can help then it’s likely that your campaign will be approved. The categories that you can create your campaign under include the Arts, Hopes & Dreams, Small Businesses, Clubs & Teams, Medical Emergencies, Special Events & Celebrations, Community Projects, Music, Sports & Competitions, Education, Schools, Tuition, Non Profits, Theatre & Dance, Environment, Pets & Animals as well as Technology & Web. If you’re hardship falls under one of these categories you can start planning your campaign.

Step 2 Publish Your Campaign

The next step is to share your story and hardship, this is where you need to pay attention to detail and really describe with your heart why you need the funds and how you plan to use it. You need to redraft this until you’ve perfected the post that represents why you need the financial assistance. To stand a real chance of getting funded by the crowd and Donald Trump himself you need post a YouTube video and again explain why you need require money. More people will pay attention to videos compared to a written account of why you want the money.

Step 3 Share Your Story Virally

The next step is to share your campaign with absolutely everyone you know, use Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites. Once you share your campaign ask people to contribute to your cause and ask them to forward your campaign to more people. If you can get your campaign to go viral you could end up making a lot of money.

Step 4 Collect Your Contributions

You should start seeing contributions rolling in within a few days; if your campaign has been successful you might end up meeting your targets within hours or days. If you’ve not met your targets then it might be wise to rethink your strategy to find some money. Donald Trump usually donates the most and if you can contact him somehow or get his attention there is a good change that he might contribute the full amount straight away.

Crowd funding with the backing of multimillionaires like Donald Trump is a great idea if you want to share your wealth and help other people. People who are struggling will also benefit if the money goes to the right places, I have bookmarked some videos below so you can check out how people are asking other people like Donald Trump for money. 

Fund Anything

Crowd Funding Via Donald Drump