More and more people are struggling to pay the rent as the economy continues to decline. But there is help available for financial emergencies. The sources of housing assistance are not a long-term solution, but money is available to help people pay their rent from sources they may not have considered. These organizations are inundated with requests for rent money, but it is still possible to get financial help if you are eligible. Finding these sources of free rent money is the first step.

Find Local Homeless Organizations that Offer Rent Money

There are many non-profit organizations that focus on helping the homeless. These non-profits are excellent sources of information. Some homeless organizations offer free rent grants to people that never have to be paid back. The money comes from donations or from state or city grants. Look for these organizations in the yellow pages and online. Call them up and ask if they offer money for rent or if they know of organizations that do. Visiting the websites of these non-profits may also lead to other sources of help for paying the rent.

The Salvation Army and Goodwill

These two national organizations offer a wide range of services. Find the local chapter of each organization in the yellow pages or online directory. Email or call them for information on housing assistance or free grants. The websites may also offer information on other local non-profits that can help you with paying the rent. Also take advantage of other services the organizations may offer such as job hunting training or resume help.

The Welfare Office for Financial Help

Although many people shun the welfare office out of pride, the Department of Human Services (DHS) may be able to help if you are low-income. While grants for rent are rare, they do offer to pay utility bills if your service is about to be cut-off. This may leave you with more money for rent. Food stamps can also help to save money that can be put towards the rent. Taking advantage of any service that lightens your financial burden is a good thing. Visit your local welfare office if only to find out what services are available for you. Many agencies also have automatic phone messages outlining the various services offered. Keep in mind that these agencies were developed to help people in financial need.

The Public Library

A visit to the reference section of your local library may also offer unexpected sources of help for rent money. Tell the reference librarian what you are looking for and she may be able to point you in the right direction. Also keep in mind there are many charitable foundations that offer free grant money for a wide variety of purposes. Using the library's database of foundations and charitable organizations can lead to a few grants you may be eligible for that you can use to pay the rent.

There is money out there to help people in a wide variety of ways. You just need to locate them.