Potting benches are a wonderful piece of furniture, designed especially as a workplace and storage area for gardening tools. A simple potting bench offers a comfortable work surface and organization that only a gardener could love. Potting benches are perfect for behind the scene potting of young plants and storage of supplies and hand tools. Mixing potting soil, filling up soil in pots, adding fertilizer are all done very easily with the use of potting benches. Many people prefer to build their own potting benches and it's very simple when you use free potting bench plans.

According to your particular utility purposes you can select free potting bench plans and build it yourself. There are many to choose from. You can customize your potting bench and load it up with features or keep it as simple as you'd like. Features such as cabinets and shelf storage can be added to your potting bench. Select from the small and portable or the larger benches that are fixed in one location. Plans can be obtained from many sources such as ThePergolaPlan.net, www.backyardspaces.com/pottingbench.html or www.freeplants.com/free-potting-bench-plans.htm.

All of the sites mentioned offer great instructions. Instructions are simple, clear and very easy to execute. From the novice, to intermediate or even handyman, potting bench plans are designed in the simplest form to bring you a finished product you can be proud of. Many plans are available with illustrated plan graphics that can be downloaded for free. Whether your looking for simple, fold-able, steel or lots of storage space, you'll be sure to find the ideal plans for your potting bench on the internet.

It's really simple, you don't have to be a master carpenter, since plans are designed for beginners, as well as the intermediate builder. All that's needed is your plans, materials, a few tools and you're on your way to building a work center you can be proud of. You can retrieve plans for metal, recycled plastic/vinyl and wood potting benches. These plans give a great of instruction in text, pictures, and drawings making your as easy to complete as possible.

Gardening is made easier with the help of potting benches. Potting bench plans give you the ease of building your very own potting bench and choosing your style according to your needs. From simple to elaborate you can access your free potting bench plans from the internet and download your plan of choice.

Meanwhile, you can add an element of elegance and beauty to your outdoor home garden and ensure yourself a steady and secure workplace for many years to come. Many talented home designers employ wooden potting benches, for example, to add a classic look to outdoor spaces and gardens dominated by greens, reds and yellows. Others prefer the austerity and presence of a metal gardener's tool bench. Whichever type you ulitmately choose, you can reduce mess, accent your garden and organize your tools all at once with the help of a simple potting bench. Happy gardening!