Have you EVER wanted free traffic from sources that are actually interested in your content or products, well read this article for a top tip!

One top tip and sure thing that will get you FREE traffic is leaving comments. Be sure to link your website or blog when you leave comment so that when people read comments they can bounce over to your site. To make sure this works there is a little bit of work, You need to find website, blogs etc in your niche and find the top ranked ones in google by doing a simple.

Once you have found a good website/blog in your niche start leaving comments linking your blog, if there ranked in page 1 on google your bound to get some free traffic from this website. Make sure you have some tool like Google Analytics so you can check if they have been referred from the website/blog you left the comments.

Make sure you find a highly trafficked website/blog this is the most crucial part of the process, if you fail to find a highly trafficked website then you will not see the results you want, you may still get the odd visitor but to really rake in the punters these website/blogs have got to be flooding with visitors.

When posting a comment make it interesting - be polite, ask a question - if the post has questions in it that you can answer then answer it! - share your opinion or just say great article etc.

If alot of people are reading these posts your bound to get FREE TRAFFIC. And don't just leave one comment on one post, No no no leave comments on all the posts on the website/blog. The more comments you post the more backlinks your building and also when your commenting, comment as the name of your website/blog this helps people remember your website name.


P.S – One more thing a great source of free traffic is twitter – its unbelievable how much traffic you get from twitter when you tweet and retweet. It's a constant circle of people being nosey and your going to benefit from it. Make sure your website is monetized if you want to convert this traffic into $$$$.

Thanks for reading :D - Theres more good stuff to come!!!!

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