Look Cool

Fun reading glasses are the way to go, if you are finding that small print looking smaller than you remember! 

Reading glasses are not just for older people.  You may think that they are,  based on some of the styles that you will find in that dusty corner of your drugstore or even at the optometrist office, but if you have never had to wear glasses before and you just feel you need a little bit of magnification to stop straining your eyes while reading that fine print, or any print for that matter, then consider getting a pair of fun reading glasses.

If you like to wear fun fashions and accessories, then why not find reading glasses that go with your personality.  You don’t want to quickly put them on to read then whip them off when someone shows up because you look like you are wearing granny glasses.  Getting something fun is the way to go.  This way they can be a conversation piece, and you may notice, that others need to wear them too, and they will want to know where you got yours from.

Everyone should have their eyes properly checked every year at the optometrists office, and if they tell you, that your eyes are good, but that you need some magnification just for reading and not for distance, then you can usually get away with reading glasses, either through your optometrist, or at the drugstore, department stores or online at such sites as Amazon.

They usually come in different magnifications, such as 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 and stronger, so you should bring some reading material with you to figure out which strength works best for you.  It used to be that these types of glasses would be basic plastic and plain styles that for some are great but if you want something a bit more funky and fashionable, you may need to check a few places, but online is a great place to start. 

Shopping online for fun reading glasses or funky and trendy ones, is a great place to start, as these styles of reading glasses are affordable, usually under 20 dollars and you can get a much larger variety online. 

If you are looking for some to match your personality, then you are going to find that the market for these glasses has grown quite large as more and more people find they need some magnification glasses for reading books, computers, iPhones and more.  You can even get them in sunglasses with a bifocal bottom section so that you don’t have to take them off when yfun reading glassesou need to read something.

You should also get a few pairs.  Find different styles that are fun and you are not going to dread putting on.  My hubby keeps a pair in the car for reading maps, in the garage for working on his hobbies and a pair in the house since he always seems to lose them.  Translucent Fun Fun Fun Plastic Reading Glasses, 1.00, Blue

If you like the idea of hanging them around your neck so you don’t misplace them, there are also really funky and fun chains you can get to attach to them.   

So, if you are finding that you are holding that paper further away from you to see it, or maybe the other way, up really close and this is becoming a pain.  Get your eyes checked, and then if you find a simple pair of reading glasses will do the trick, then get a fun and funky pair and if you need them all the time at work, get a cool chain and make them a part of your fashion statement.

So, don’t just resort to those dusty ones in the corner of the drugstore, check around, go shopping, you will find there are more and more fun reading glasses on the market now, and quite straining your eyes!  Also check out reading glasses with lights.  these are cool for night time reading.