Don’t feel the pinch by your electric bill this year by getting green for Saint Patrick’s Day.  We are coming out of winter here in the northern hemisphere and while still chilly outside it is not as cold as it was in the past months.  This is the perfect time to cut our electric bills by reducing our heat by 10 degrees or simply turning it off.  The days are getting longer and this means that more sun is hitting our house, allowing us to use less energy to keep it warm.  Cutting energy costs does not always mean that you have to live uncomfortably.  Here are some helpful tips to lower your energy bills.

  1.  Use outside air to warm your house on days that are in the 60s and 70s and keep them closed during the night. 
  2. Use a clothes line to dry laundry outside on days that weather permits or even an inside clothes line.  A dryer uses a lot of electricity and clothes will dry faster than you think inside.
  3. Use the extra sunlight we are now getting by opening the shades and keeping lights off, no matter if they are CFLs.  This will also help to heat your home.
  4. Place a rain barrel outside to collect rain during the next few months to help cut water consumption during the summer months in the lawn or garden.
  5. Cut food costs by planting cold weather crops in the spring like cabbage, peas, carrots, broccoli, etc… or by visiting your local farmers market.
  6. Do dishes by hand instead of using a machine.  This will save electricity and water and actually takes less time than the noisy machine.
  7. Skip washing your car to help conserve water.  The rain will help keep it clean anyway.
  8. If there are multiple bathrooms in the home, cut the water to all but one toilet as water will slowly leak out.  This will stop them from having to fill up several times a day which adds up quickly.
  9. When leaving for work or school, turn your computer off at the power supply since most computers can use up to 420 watts which is like leaving about 20 CFL lights on all day.
  10. Use surge protectors (power strips) on all electrical devices that have transformers or boxes on the power cord.  These devices pull power even though they are not turned on.


Of course there are some things that you simply cannot pull the power from like the refrigerator or water heater; however, you can turn the temperatures down on the heater and up on the refrigerator to an acceptable level.  Even though there things that you need to leave plugged in, you can still cut your energy costs significantly by following 10 simple tips.  Once you know what to look for it is quite easy to spot energy waste and will be easier to fix.