Having control of our finances can be directly related to our health.  So, if you are embarrassed about asking for help paying off debt, then you should also be considering your health.

Debt can start off small and manageable, and then quickly snowball into something that keeps you up at night.  It doesn’t take much and can happen to anyone.  It may have started off with the furnace dying on the coldest winter day and you needing to replace it fast without much time to shop around for the best price.

Or it may have been your refrigerator croaking on that hot day in July when it was full of food for that big family celebration happening at your house, and you needed to get a new fridge fast.  Or maybe your car decided to take its last breath somewhere out in the boonies on that last family road trip and now you needed a new car.Help Paying Off Debt(87992)Credit: morguefile.com

No matter what triggered the debt to snowball, if it is now constantly in the back of your mind while at work and while trying to sleep, or at the checkout counter with your fingers crossed hoping that card will be approved, then you need to do something now.

Whether you are looking at just how to pay off credit card debt, or how to manage your money better or trying to figure out which to pay first, you need some kind of plan of action. 

The first step is to get out all those credit card statements or lines of credit, or loan statements, and see just where you stand.  Is there a way to figure this out yourself? If you really rein in your spending or try to pick up extra hours at work, could you get on top of this debt yourself?  If you would have to sacrifice eating and a place to live to make the payments, then you need to get some help with this.

If it just looks too overwhelming, then there is help.  Struggling to sleep at night for fear of this financial house of cards collapsing or getting headaches and stomach aches from worry is no way to live.  Your health with suffer from the stress.  Life can be difficult enough without this added stress.

For generations, talking about money and debt always seemed to be a “hush hush” subject, and yet most people will have cash crunch times in their lives.  You may think you are immune, but if the furnace, fridge, car and part of your house fell apart all within a month or so, wouldn’t your finances feel the strain?  Maybe add a “don’t pay for a year” purchase of furniture and electronics coming due at the same time as these other events, and you could be looking at thousands of dollars that suddenly need to be paid or put on a high interest payment plan!

It would be great to have an emergency fund tucked away just for these events, and we all should have one, but sometimes these things just get the best of us, and we do what we can.  Maybe your hours at work were cut back at the same time as all these expenses.  Help Paying Off DebtCredit: morguefile.com

Either way, you need to get help paying off debt if there is no way you can see dealing with this yourself in a timely manner.

If you need help paying off debt in Canada, there are a couple of good firms that will help.  The first one is CreditCanada.com.  This is a free service for anyone struggling with debt or money management.  If you have got to the point of creditors calling you, you know just how sick this can make you feel especially when you tell them you have nothing left to give, they can be brutal and not to forgiving.

Jumping every time you hear the phone ring is no way to live.  This particular service is a registered charity and therefore they get their money from other sources.  Their main goal is to help you get back on your feet and in many cases structure a payment plan for your debt.  They will talk to your creditors and work out a plan that will stop those phone calls, help get the debt paid off, and help you with budgeting and other management skills.

Sometimes just having someone else to talk to, who will have some other ideas on just how to pay off debt and save hundreds in interest and not judge you will make you feel better.  They will be that mediator between you and the creditors.

With it being such a “hush hush” subject, it will feel better to get it off your shoulders and get the help you need to stop the struggling and ill effects on your health.  Many people just don’t want anyone to know they are struggling, and the energy they will put into keeping this all secret can take a toll on your health too.

Consolidatedcredit.com is another service that works for Canada and the USA.  They will help you with debt management by talking to your creditors and coming up with a payment plan. 

Sometimes just one consultation is enough to get you back on the road.  Sometimes just a fresh pair of eyes on the situation will give you some ideas.  A consultation will not affect your credit rating.
If you can feel your finances spiraling, don’t wait until creditors are calling.  Phone the creditors  and tell them your situation.  If you can get a real person on the phone, they may work wiCredit Cards 0 Balance Transfer Offersth you to come up with a solution, such as how to pay off credit card debt with a lower interest rate or help you move other cards to one.

But if you are getting nowhere with these creditors, or you don’t want to talk to them yourself, just the thought of it makes you feel sick, then get on the phone to one of these financial services in your area.  Look in the phone book or online for help paying off debt and see if you can find a “not for profit” organization that can give you the help you need. 

A family member worked with one of these councils after a very hard struggle with divorce, cancer and other catastrophic events in their life and were able to get back on their feet to good financial health and physical wellbeing with their help. 

It is worth the phone call and a meeting, don’t be embarrassed about life events and the reason you are here now, the important thing is to get back on your feet quickly and feel better and sleep better knowing you have control once again over your finances and your sense of wellbeing.