zebra stripes zebra costumeHalloween is a fun filled holiday for all ages. Many people take months trying to pick out the perfect costume. For those animal lovers out there, a Zebra costume could be just what you have been looking for to really stand out at this year's Halloween party.

Now there are a few different ways to go about obtaining your costume. Some find that home-made costumes give a particular feel or flair that really stands out. Others lean toward the classic store bought costumes. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that showing up dressed as a zebra will turn heads and make a very memorable day for you and all who see you.

Zebra costumes can be made for all ages. You could even dress up your entire family to have a whole herd of zebras. For children, you could find any white colored clothing articles that you wouldn't mind using for your costume. These can then be painted with black fabric paint to make the trademark black and white stripes. The lines should be thicker on the back and become thinner as they reach the belly as are real zebra stripes. You want the stripes to be free flowing and natural. You can look at some pictures of real zebras online to see how they look and fully try to mimic their appearance.

Adult costumes can be made the same way using regular white clothing. For ladies, you could try and find a pair of zebra print tights or even a zebra print leotard to give that womanly edge. There are many different articles of clothing that you could mix and match to cover you in stripes.

For those really wanting to complete the costume, black yarn or strips of cloth can be used to make a mane and tail. These can be either glued or sewn to the back of the costume. For the hooves, black shoes and gloves work great. And lastly, water based face paint will finish your costume and give you the full look and feel of a real life zebra. Make sure to add a black nose, and some little black ears. The ears can be made of felt or cardstock.

A zebra costume can be a great Halloween idea. You are guaranteed to be the talk of the party with your costume no matter how you decide to go about obtaining or making it. Always remember to have fun and really get into character.