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Get it now pay later catalogs and websites are a blessing to many people who cannot afford to buy what they want outright with cash, cannot get a credit card because of bad credit or just don't want a credit card.  Merchant to consumer credit lending is not a new thing, in fact, it was the way things were done before this current credit and banking system really took over the industry.

Get it now pay later companies have always maintained a good and open relationship with their customers. These are companies that have gone into business to ensure that they make their profits and serve people with poor credit histories or those with low bad credit. Most of these service providers work online, and  have existed for a long while and continue to help people in financial difficulties to enjoy equal or similar privilege’s and those with reputable credit cards, but at a different rate of  payment. In this context, there have been numerous service providers that avail the ‘buy now pay later’ deals. Amongst the oldest buy now pay later dealers is Fingerhut.

These companies allot a pre-approved balance to the person who is interested to take the loan. The client then has a chance to pay his or her balance early in order to get higher balance for future benefits. The best advantage is that these services play a leading role in improving the questionable history of the clients. Similarly, the client has an opportunity to improve his or her credit scores.

Get It Now Pay Later Catalogs and Online Shopping Websites That Provide Various Types of Products

Stoneberry: this offers electronics such as cameras, touch screen tablets, house hold appliances, etc. the client is allowed to take items and pay at the end of the month.

Montgomery Ward: it is a popular buy now pay later program. Montgomery ward give a grand opportunity for people with bad credit to shop as normal customer with equal privileges.  The program which began back in the 1872 offers furniture. Many people have testified to have benefited from these programs.

Heartland America No credit check catalogue: it is known as a novelty catalogue. This is a shop where one can find items such as ‘Yellow Boy’ rifle, Mickey Mouse watches, Dell laptops, guitars, energy saving heaters etc. basically this is a jack of all trades where one can obtain merchandise that is not commonly found in the popular store around.

Seventh Avenue: this shop has a variety of products at affordable prices. These include items such as notebook computers, antique style chairs, furniture, cookware, etc. the shop offers additional unique items that can be used to furnish and decorate the house. The greatest advantage of Seventh Avenue is that one can pay as little as 20 dollars at the end of the month.

Luther Sales: this is an online shop that provides furniture and appliances on but now pays later deals. The shop offers a variety of living room furniture both old and modern fashion designs.

Flexi compras: with their main theme as ‘make it yours’ the online merchant sales to its clients without credit. They offer a variety of products including electrical appliances, computers, TV & Video etc.

Gallery Home store: is a business that deals with home furniture for both indoor and outdoor settings. The merchandise in this shop includes items such as computers, electronics, furniture, appliances, lifestyle, etc. they have low payments, instant approval for new clients, and home delivery.


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Micso: offers different products at varying rates. The client chooses the kind of rate he or she wants to pay for his or her credit. Some of the categories Misco offers include computers, monitors, cables, accessories, power equipment, software, spares etc.

Stanley Furniture: Stanley furniture manufactures unique designs including bedroom sets, beds, accent table sets, china cabinets, Desk suites, dining furniture, cocktail tables, furniture bookcases, etc.

PC World: this is a merchant that sales laptops on both cash and credit payments. The provide laptops and other computer accessories that by use of different credit and debit cards. In addition, they allow customers to spread their payments to monthly installments at an affordable rate. Alternatively, they offer the buy now pay later option that the customer is allowed to pay for the items bought after 6-9 months.

Comet: offers electronic products such as Fridges, Freezers, computers, laundry Dishwashers, small appliances, TV, DVD, cameras, iPods, etc. Finance options are split into several payments plans. A customer has to choose a payment plan that is fir for his or her pockets. The second option is to pay on the buy now pay later scheme. This option gives the buyer a chance to plan his or her payment for the first 6 months. Clients in this case have a chance to choose whether to pay in full or in splits (i.e. spread the cost).

Gimmitech: sell laptops and other computer accessories with different payment modes. Although they do not offer the buy now pay late option, they allow their clients to pay for the products at rates that are most affordable depending on the client’s preference.

Bright technologies: is an online service provider that sales electronics such as projectors, mobile phones, laptops, desktop, cameras, printers and copier. They have such product son sale with the buy now pay later options for their consumers. Their schemes works in conjunction with AAR. AAR pays on behalf of the client, and the client later returns the money to AAR in easy monthly installments.  

High-tech.com: is an online seller that avails electronic products, musical instruments, furniture etc. The company provides the pay later service that has come in handy for U.S Military superior customer support.