It’s a Saturday morning and you can’t think of anything to do.  Come to Indiana and visit one of our corn mazes!  Indiana has the highest percentage of land in a state being used in agricultural it ranks fourth in the production of corn for grain, and over 884 million acres of corn are produced every year.  Don’t think that just because we are primarily an agricultural state that we don’t know how to have fun with what we do best.  Every year around Halloween those of us who live in corn country have found fun ways to celebrate the season and the harvest.  Some farmer have begun the tradition of creating mazes that they carve out of the corn with, well you guessed it, a tractor!  Corn mazes have cropped up in Danville, Evansville, Farmland, Hobart, Rockville, Whiteland, and Lafayette. 

 Northern Indiana’s largest corn maze is “Exploration Acres” which is located in Lafayette, Indiana.  The maze is 18 acres.  That’s right, eight miles of maze carved out of a corn field!  It is located 6042 Newcastle Road.  They feature group rates, individual rates, and children under 5 are free. 

The maze is different each year.  This year’s maze features a haunted castle in the upper left corner, a grave in the lower left corner, the headless horseman in the upper right corner, and a cat in the lower right corner.  The folks that created this have activities for the whole family.  Spread your picnic blanket on the ground and enjoy the wonder of an Indiana fall afternoon.  Fire pits are also available, so bring your chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows and make some smores.  Take a walk to the country store, a small shack next to a farmhouse.  It features crafts, along with a spacious area to gather with family and friends. 

 Join the “ducky race”, which features an old fashioned hand pump.  There are 2 pumps, 1 waterway, and you guessed it a rubber ducky!  The object of the game is to pump your hand pump fast enough to move the rubber ducky to the other end of the track, but beware, your opponent will be pumping water trying to push the ducky in the other direction.

 There are two attractions that feature straw.  The straw bale maze is made for you to crawl through.  It will test your sense of direction as you crawl through the maze in the dark.  Next visit the straw mound, and dive right in.  Remember diving into the piles of leaves in your backyard after you have raking them up.  Well enjoy the clean straw, and dive to your heart’s content.  Best of all you don’t have to rake up the mess! 

 Some people really do have too much time on their hands.  “Exploration Acres” has designed cannon which uses compressed air, and fires, well you guessed it, corn!  Kids and parents alike will love the loud boom from the cannon as it shoots ears of corn up to 500 feet in the air!

 The pedal cars are fun for everyone and come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Choose the car the fits your skill or racing strategy.  The pedal car track features a straw bale lined track, join the fun as you and your family pedal your way to victory!

 What is Halloween without pumpkins?  Jump on the hay wagon and go for a hayride.  Stop by the pumpkin patch and pick you out a nice pumpkin to care for Halloween.  The patch is 10 acres with a variety of pumpkins to choose from.  They range in size from 5-30 pounds and are 30 cents per pound.

Test your skills!   “Exploration Acres” has an 18 acre, 8 mile corn maze.  It features a haunted castle in the upper left corner, a grave in the lower left corner, the headless horseman in the upper right corner, and a cat in the lower right corner.  You can print it out before hand and figure out the maze.  Can you maintain your sense of direction once you are in the maze with its intricate twists, turns, and stops?  Enjoy the challenge and your day.  Visit a corn maze near you!

2011 Maze
"Exploration Acres"