Getting Help With Low Price Housing

The new face of homelessness was the old face of middle class America.  Times have gotten so rough in the last 10 years, than now, in 2012, we see more and more homeless families and families living in shelters.  What can be done about the new face of homelessness?  Families who are now living on the streets and in homeless shelters because they can no longer afford their middle-class existence.  Many families now are just one paycheck away from being homeless themselves.


How Does The Goverment Help With Low Price Housing?

One of the main intiative by the goverment to help with low price housing is Hud’s Rental Program. This program helps to find low price housing for individuals and families who are in dire need. 

There are other programs as well. These government programs can be long term or short-term support. For example, government builds houses and the rents are within your means. Another is when government offers housing loans for everybody or offers to pay the half rent (this can be section 8 or another type of goverment program), or offers to help with renovation or for investments. Many people who are suffering are not aware of many of these goverment programs. However, by contacting HUD, they will put you in contact with these services.

Getting housing money from the government is not easy since it is based on the availability of the financial resources and approval and other requirements. Each government-housing program may require different sets of documents. To be able to acquire government money for housing, it is a long process of application. Interested applicants must first determine the kind of support that they need given that government has a lot.  The main consideration of the government on who will be given financial support is the condition of livelihood of applicants. They are to choose those who are underprivileged and not able to meet the expense of having a home. Applicants must have low source of income and present a proof of it. Applicants must be citizens. Moreover, application does not have definite deadlines, it can be a day or two, a week or more, a month or two, and even a year or more. Do not be afraid to ask for help if some of the steps are confusing. Do not assume anything. It is better to be sure than to arise any conflicts. Housing officials can provide you accurate information about your questions.

Ask help from the experts. Learn from others experiences. When getting an interview for a possible housing grant, be honest. Tell the true reason of why you wanted financial assistance. Remember that, government can investigate. They can do background checks and check legitimacy of documents submitted. For example, you wanted to get support because floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities destroyed your house. Another example is if your house is foreclosure. When submitting application forms or any documents, double check everything to avoid delay. This may also cause denial of application. Write legibly.

Do not settle for just one housing program. Explore on other government programs. The more applications, the more chance of being accepted. At the same time, be careful on choosing to which government program to apply. Some may take advantage of your situation. Maximize your resources; you can search on the World Wide Web for housing grants or just to give you an idea about many different housing grants by the government. There are many government advertisements even on the newspapers, flyers, Craig list. Start with the basics.

Never get tired of resubmitting applications. Keep focused on your goal. Since the government is on a first come first serve basis, rejection is definitely probable and normal. Among all the applicants, everyone believes that they deserve to have the affordable housing. During the process, always make your line of communication available. You will never know when they will accept your request. Constantly make a follow up with them to show that you need it.

Do not lose hope. Always stay positive. Remember that these events may lead you to a better future with your new house. Government still plays a huge part in assisting the people. At the same time, do your part, do not, rely totally on the government to help you find decent low price housing. Do something about it yourself. Work hard for it. Dream big. If given the chance to have these housing grants, appreciate and take care of it. Mark it as a start of something new.

You can also try calling 211. In 39 States, 211 works like 911 and will get you in touch with the closest Human Service Organizations that will be able to help you with your needs. Go to to see if your state is on the list.