How your hands look say a lot about a person, especially your nails. Having them clean, cut and shaped nicely gives an overall terrific look. If you happen to be the type of person that enjoys nail polish, there is a wonderful new way of getting them done. Marbled nail art is a fashionable nail effect with a wonderful pop.

Marbled nail art is a stylish technique for getting an extraordinary look to your overall manicure. This method of painting with a variety of colored nail polish is typically done using water. Though, there is a process that works wonderfully without it. Check out this excellent tutorial to do it yourself minus the water, but with the same great results.

Supplies you need;

Nail polish-pale base color and three colors for the marble art nail technique. Black as one of the shades is wonderful along with white. A third color to compliment your black and white shades

Paper Towel

Accessories (optional)

Nail polish remover

 Step one

Apply your base coat. Put on more than one coat of polish. Make it certain it is still wet when you begin step two. Nice and watery and thick is where you want to be with the base.

It is best to do one nail at a time.

Step two

Add two drops of white to the top one third of your nail. Add one drop on each side of the nail. Dab these on the nail. Do not swirl or move around. Simply add the drops.

Step three

Two or three drops of your third color should be added. Put your drops on nail to cover one half of your white drops. Do not mix or swirl. Drops can come to the tips of your nail without going over if you would like.

Step four

Add your black to nails. Use the same manner as the white nail polish. Try and cover open areas of the top one third of your fingernail with these drops. Do not mix colors yet. It is okay if they overlap.

Step five

Use the brush from the last color applied to swirl your colors. Brush should be as free from color as possible for marbled effect to look best. Pull your brush along the sides of the container to bring end of brush to a point at the tip.

Using tip of brush swirl your colors together into marbled nail design look. Going from the side of the nail into the puddle of colors pulling through drops will make a fantastic marbled effect.

Start to swirl polish into the desired look. Moving the brush around in half circles works wonderfully for the end result.

Less is more, because the more you swirl in circles the more entwined the colors will become and there is less definition to the theme. Three or four swirls are typically the max.

While swirling, Pull polish to the top end of your nails. Pull from middle to sides.

Step six

Remove excess from sides with pads of your fingers. Complete all fingers on both hands one at a time.

Step seven

Seal your design with clear top coat when finished. Add accessories before applying top coat. Accessories should be added when nail polish is not quite dry, but at a sticky resistance when touched.

Note-if you would like to add a little flair, use silver or gold glitter polish. Add these to void spots within your design for highlights. How about only marbling one nail and all others are solid colors? Try different methods and find one that will work best for you.

Step eight

Get rid of any excess polish on fingers with remover.

In conclusion

This is a quick, fast and easy way to get the marbled nail design look for those ten little fingers. Give your hands a pickup with this beautiful manicure technique. You do not need a lot of experience to apply this flair which adds elegance and class when you paint your nails.

put a little bling on the marbled nail painting method with this wonderful video