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 When one of our daughters announced that she and her fiancé wished to be married in Las Vegas, I worried about how I could make the arrangements, since we lived in another state.  However, once I contacted the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapels, I discovered how easy wedding planning could be.  Their wedding coordinators were able to make all the arrangements for exactly the type of ceremony that our daughter imagined … complete with a lovely sunset view through the chapel windows overlooking the hotel's manmade lake.  When the day of the nuptials arrived, everything went exactly as planned, and even the mother of the bride was able to relax and enjoy herself!

Mandalay Bay Venues

The Mandalay Bay has three chapels that are comfortable and elegant.  The chapels are formal and subdued, featuring large windows behind the minister, so that both the couple and their guests can take in the gorgeous view.  In addition to the chapels, the couple can also plan to be married at one of the more unique settings at the resort, such as the hotel’s Shark Reef.  The Mandalay Bay can also accommodate a variety of group sizes for either the ceremony or the reception.  After an elegant ceremony in one of their chapels, the reception can be held in one of the hotel's beautiful ballrooms or in a smaller meeting room, depending on the size of your party.  They have a full catering department, and their wedding coordinator can assist you in making all the necessary arrangements.

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Mandalay Bay Wedding Packages

The prices of the various packages at the Mandalay Bay vary widely.  For example, their Crystal Waters package includes the bride’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, a bridal garter, 12-4x6 photographs in an album, a bottle of champagne, the minister’s fee and a live pianist.  The cost is about $1100.  Other packages can cost as much as $9000, but these will include many other extra amenities, depending on the package selected. Some of the options include a romantic dinner for the couple, one or more nights in one of their gorgeous hotel suites, breakfast, show tickets, spa packages and more.  Rehearsal plans and other services are also available for an additional fee.  Although this may seem extravagant, it is frequently less costly than what many people spend to be married in their own hometown!  In addition, there are a number of other Mandalay Bay packages that range in price somewhere between the $1100 and $9000 prices tags.  They have something for everyone.

If you want to be married at the Mandalay Bay, but you are on a budget, they also have a very affordable option.  Although many ceremonies and receptions at this lovely Las Vegas hotel are elaborate and expensive affairs designed to fulfill the dreams of the bride and groom, it is not always necessary to spend a fortune in order to have a lovely, tasteful and elegant wedding in one of the their wedding chapels.  For the budget conscious, you can choose the Suite Romance Plan which includes the use of one of their chapels, a bouquet and boutonniere, six photos in a wedding album, a bottle of champagne and a 6’ cake.  It starts at around $550, and is absolutely lovely.  This was the package we got for our daughter and her husband, and they were very pleased.

Mandalay Bay Chapel Amenities

One of the nice things about the Mandalay Bay Chapels is that they have a bridal dressing room available for the bride and her wedding party, as well as a separate groom’s dressing room.  This gave our daughter the opportunity to get dressed and apply her makeup at the chapel, rather than in her hotel room.  It also gave us a few moments for private hugs and family photographs, freely using our own cameras, which is not at option at some of the competing chapels.

Their professional wedding coordinator assured that everything went smoothly.  When we initially called our coordinator to make arrangements for the ceremony, she was able to plan everything with only one phone call.  This was a dream come true for me, as the mother of four grown daughters!  The coordinator spent about half an hour with us on the phone asking us a series of questions, including how much we wanted to spend, the number of people we expected to be in attendance, the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flavor of wedding cake our daughter wanted, the type of minister we preferred, the preferred date and time for the nuptials, did we want a bridal garter or bottle of champagne, and a few similar questions.  Once we had made all the essential decisions, she quoted us a price, took my credit card information over the phone and, just that quickly, the ceremony was planned.  In our case, we decided to go to a Las Vegas restaurant for dinner after the wedding, in lieu of a formal reception, and we made our own dinner and hotel reservations.   However, if we had wished to have a reception at the Mandalay Bay, the wedding coordinator could have made those arrangements, as well.

The ceremony was handled in a loving, unhurried and gracious manner.  At no time did we feel as if we were on an assembly line and needed to rush.  The minister spoke for a few minutes before the ceremony with our daughter and her fiancé, asking them a few questions about any personal requests they had for the ceremony.  Once they had worked out the details, the ceremony proceeded, and turned out to be as lovely as many weddings that have taken months to organize.

If you are considering a Las Vegas wedding, you will certainly want to put the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapels on the list of venues you are considering.  In addition, you will want to check out some of the other lovely chapels that are available in Las Vegas. The wonderful thing about planning a Las Vegas wedding is that you have so many possible choices.

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