No one ever said that a wedding has to be held in summer. Winter weddings, by their very nature, can be truly elegant affairs and a perfect time to tie the knot.

When I was a child one of my favourite books had an illustration of a bride wearing an elegant gown complete with crisp white fur stole. She looked like a mystical ice queen. It's an image I remember to this day. I thought it was the most glamorous thing I'd ever seen.

While summer is certainly the most popular time for weddings, having a winter wedding can be quite enchanting. Rather than outdoors in the heat of summer, picture yourself indoors beside a roaring fire, or in a plush room decorated with romantic candles and fairy lights. It embodies romance.

Watching the purse strings

Frankly, some people are just winter enthusiasts – those who love skiing and ice skating, winter coats and knee-high boots. But having winter wedding can not only be unique, bit it could also help your wedding dollars stretch further.

First, take the wedding venue. One of the main cost concerns for any wedding budget is where to hold your nuptials. While the summer months are lovely, they're also the highest priced. Booking some venues outside of peak season can cost less and, as an added bonus, you probably won't need to book quite so far in advance.

For some venues you can save around 10% on your pricing if you have your wedding in the winter season. The extra funds could be used to cover other wedding expenses.

The winter can be a quieter time for suppliers such as florists or photographers, so it may be possible to search out a good deal from them when they're not so busy. Remember, in never hurts to ask.

Winter themes

The best part of a winter wedding is the possibility of unique and sumptuous table settings. Think pinecones and pine needles nestled around different-sized flickering candles, and sprinkled with silver or gold fairy dust; or take the classic snowy-white ice-maiden theme with snowflake-like decorations and the finest white tulle, surrounded by white fairy lights to make it a true winter fairytale. Depending on the time of year – and your budget – you could even go all-out with a fabulous ice sculpture.

Another classic winter colour is deep blood red. With tablecloths of rich red, imagine dark-toned candles in heavy candelabras, or bowls of rich red flowers and floating candles.
One wedding we planned featured full tuxedos and diamantes, while at another we had a soprano singing, We've also done a medieval style with finger bowls and people dressed in costume. Anything is possible.