If you are using the same skin care routine for years now, it is time to upgrade. The way that you take care of your face is so much more then just getting clean. You can protect your skin from harmful things that can do damage and cause premature signs of aging. It is possible to repair some of the damage that has already been done. You can even turn back the hands of time when it comes to lines and wrinkles if you so choose. The key here is to make sure that you are maximizing the products that you use.

Step One

Most women need to use a different moisturizer in the evening then they do during day time hours. As you sleep, your skin loses more moisture and hydration then at any other time of the day. This is why there are night creams out there. There are a richer emollient that can help to keep skin hydrated as you rest through the evening. This is why many of the best looking women have a different skin care routine for the morning and the evening.

Step Two

There are many serums or products that can be used any skin type and no matter what age you are to help to repair and protect against the harmful damage that free radicals can do to your skin. Most women do not realize that there first lines and wrinkles that they see in the mirror are actually caused by free radicals damaging their skin and not genetics. Sunscreen is a great place to start when it comes to this type of protection, but specialty products that are designed to take action against these problems are going to be much better for you.

Step Three

What are you doing for the delicate area around the eye in your skin care routine? If you are like most, the answer is not very much. There is a large selection of eye creams out there that work on everything from puffiness and dark circles to fine lines and wrinkles. All you have to do is to decide what you would like to change and use the product that is formulated for this concern.

Washing and drying your face might have been fine for your skin care routine when you were in your teens, but now you know how important it is to take care of your skin. There are so many daily activities that work against you trying to keep yourself looking youthful and radiant. This is why it is time to step up your products and make sure that you are going to be looking your best today and every day after this.