Video blogging is one of the fastest growing modes of finding targeted traffic for a blog. A lot of bloggers have discovered the power of adding video content to their posts. There are even some bloggers that feel more comfortable video blogging their content than writing blog content. If you have an interest in video blogging, these are several tips that can make it easier to break into this new medium of getting your remarkable blog contents to your target audience and get more traffic for a blog.

Bloggers have discovered an enormous amount of new traffic through the power of video. Video blogs or vlogs as an agent to get more traffic for a blog should be used to enhance your readers experience and make a better blog.

Know your audience

This is important for any blogger to see success. Video blogs are similar to the standard written blog.  The difference is instead of writing your posts you are recording a post on video. Know the audience that you are talking to or video blogging for.

Online users will look at a vlog for the same reason they will read a blog post. Visitors that like the content or enjoy an author’s perspective on a subject will view the substance created. Every vlog that produced should cater to your audience. Keep your audience in mind when you create a vlog the same way you would when you publish a blog post. For an example, marketing blogs would construct marketing vlogs to attract this focused audience.

Construct video blogs that your audience will find useful and relevant to your niche. Design vlogs that educate and offer a reader/viewer information they are searching for. Know your audience to conceive winning video post ideas that translate into more traffic for a blog.

Show your personality

Your personality shines through when you communicate. Whether the communication is through a vlog or writing a blog post your personality is reflected. The way you phrase a statement or the way you express yourself is reflected to your audience. Your personality is expressed through the medium of video when you record your posts.

Nonverbal communication is an aspect of blogging that vlogs show that cannot be seen with a written blog. Keep in mind that when you are on camera you are sharing your personality with a facial expression, your body language, how you dress and other aspects not seen when you write for your blog. All of these nonverbal communication cues show some part of your personality. Consider all these and what they say to your reader about you when recording a video blog post.

Make a connection

Connect with your audience with your video. You can ask questions or have a casual tone as if speaking with a friend. Find a common ground where your audience has a feeling of comfort when you create a video blog. Bloggers that connect with a reader on a level that conveys they are approachable find the greatest success. Make a connection where a viewer can feel confidence in the information shared to increase blog traffic with a video blog.

Quality content

Quality content for a vlog is just as critical as if you were fashioning a written blog post. In order to make money online you need to have quality video blogs. In particular the video blogs that you produce should entertain, inform and educate viewers. A blog reader should watch your video blog and gain these things by the end of your presentation. Delivering quality content will assure readers return for more of the same with future vlogs and increase blog traffic.


Don’t simply turn the camera on and wing it. You wouldn’t do this with a written blog post so don’t try it with a video blogging encounter. Prepare to make the best video possible with each post. Research and practice before crafting your final product.

A wonderful tool at your fingertips is reviewing some of the most popular video blogs and taking notes. What stands out for you that you could include in your videos or possibly missing that can make your videos better? What seems to work best for popular bloggers with videos they have designed? Read or watch and learn.

A number of bloggers will even form a written script to follow for their blog. If this works for you then use it. A script can be closely or loosely followed for a video blog entry. Do your research for keywords and what content you want to present before designing your video blog to make it the best presentation possible with each one you create. Remember your byline and credibility are tied to your video content the same as with your written blog content and subject matter.

In conclusion

Most bloggers discover the more video blogs they make the better they become. There is an increased level of comfort and ease that comes with anything the more you do it.  You will not be ready to print and publish right away. You may also find more than one try is necessary before you feel comfortable enough to show your readers a vlog you have created. Though, as you become more familiar with video blogging you will become more capable, competent and proficient at it. Making your blog better is the goal and video blogging can get you one step closer to it.