If you’ve never heard of tribes as a means of getting more traffic to Info Barrel or to a blog or other article marketing site you’re likely kind of lost right about now so let’s start by talking about what a tribe is in this context.

What is a Tribe?

A tribe is a group of people that work together towards a common goal. In this case, the common goal is getting more traffic. The people within the tribe are committed to helping others as they get help themselves. They comment on each other’s blogs or articles. They share them on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The more people there are in the tribe the more likely you are to have people comment on and share your articles and blog posts. The social shares on your Info Barrel articles can be invaluable because although search engine optimization is important, more and more people are using social media platforms to find information that they are looking for.

How Do I Find a Tribe?

One of the ways you can get involved in a tribe is to join an existing one. Try searching on Facebook for “tribe” and you will likely find a few options. You could also ask among your contacts that also write for Info Barrel and see if anyone would be willing to invite you to join their tribe. You could post on the forum and ask about it or post to your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Joining an existing tribe can have its challenges. Although it likely already will have a lot of members they may be very tightly knit as a group and you might find it hard to find your place in the tribe. If you do join a pre-existing tribe, take some time to lurk and see how things are done. Read through posts and see how people respond. See if you can find the key players in the tribe because if you comment on their articles you will be more likely to get a better response in return.  If you take the time to understand how the tribe works you will be less likely to make mistakes and more likely to have your articles shared when you start posting.

One of the Facebook Tribes that you can join is called the InfoBarrel Tribe. It is owned and managed by me and there are currently about 55 people in the group, although not all are active. Sometimes we get a little off topic but for the most part people share their articles in the group and then others share them and comment on them.  It is not such a large group that you will get lost in it but it is big enough that there is interaction. 

Can I Create My Own Tribe?

Yes! In fact, I highly encourage it! A tribe created with people you already know and are already connected to is likely to get better results in the long run.  If you know each other you will be more likely to work well together.  You are likely already helping each other out to some degree but having a tribe is a great way to open up your circle to other people and get bigger benefits.

Start with people that you are already following on Info Barrel that are also following you. Send them a message and tell them you are creating an Info Barrel tribe, tell them what it is, and ask them if they would be interested in joining.  Make sure they understand the benefits and they will be sure to join you.

Your next step is to create a home for your tribe. Facebook groups are great for this. You can create a group and make it either closed or secret so that no one else can join without your permission. If you don’t mind having a larger group, you can create a Facebook Page and then people can join you when they find you. One of the advantages of Facebook Pages compared to Groups is that the Pages are indexed by search engines so each time you post a link on the page you are getting a backlink to your article. This is a great for search engine optimization.

Once you’ve set up your page (be sure to include the expectations of group members in the About section!), you can contact the people that have shown interested and give them a link to your page or group and ask them to join.  As the administrator or owner of the group it is your responsibility to make sure everyone plays by the rules.  Welcome them to the group with a link to the rules as people often don’t notice them unless they are pointed out.  Encourage conversation and reciprocity.  Try to set an example.

Once You Are Set Up

Once you are set up, you just have to make sure that people understand what is expected of them. Encourage them to post links to their best Articles and remind people to share and comment once in awhile.  Some people think that groups like this are just a good place to drop links but people won’t share your articles or comment on them if they are not on topics that are interesting or if they are not of some kind of value to their friends and followers on their social media sites.

Soon, you will see that the people who are part of your tribe are commenting on your Articles more often and you will noticed that you Articles get more Facebook Likes and tweets on Twitter.  The first step to getting social media traffic is to get people to share your articles so make sure that your articles are shareworthy!  Show appreciation to those who take the time to share your articles by finding one of their articles that is interesting and returning the favor. 

It might take some time to get things rolling but if you work at it and have the right people in your tribe you will find that it can be very beneficial!