This article is about you, your motivation and how you talk with your inner self. It is about how the love you have for yourself can help you get moving and get yourself motivated. At times we may feel like we just can not go on or do one more thing. You will not need to buy yourself a self-help book or enroll yourself into a 12 step program to get motivated. You have all the tools you need, you will simply have enforce the laws of activity and reason within you.

Things You Will Need

Will Power


Step 1

Reason with yourself. At times, we just do not feel like it. We don't want to. It is a pain to do the same tasks over and over only to find that they will need done again tomorrow. When this happens, reason with yourself. An example of how you can reason with yourself, in your mind is, "Why do you not want to do this, it needs done?" Have conversations revealing reason inside your head, or if you feel like to then talk out loud. Use whatever works for you.

Step 2

Ask yourself, what is the big deal? What is your problem? Do you really think their is magic fairy that will come and do your chores for you? No, definitely not. Get motivated and stop being lazy! Somebody has to do it, it might as well be you, since the situation bothers you anyway.

Step 3

Tell yourself to "just do it". Stop making excuses, just get it done and then enjoy that all the chores are done. You may wake up and say you are not washing any clothes today. You are not going to make the bed, run the sweeper, do dishes or anything of the sorts, you are tired of all this work. Remind yourself that you are not going to be pleased until the chores are done, the errands are ran and the bills are paid, so just do it, motivate yourself and get it done. You can whine later, chances are you will not even feel like whining about it later.

Step 4

Tell yourself that you enjoy your home when it is in order. Think, a clean home is a happy home, this may help to get you motivated. Doing these tasks, that you do not want to do, will make you happy after they are finished. You will be able to rest when there is order in your home. You deserve to have a clean and happy home. Just do the task that needs taken care of, do this for you. This can work for you every single day if you set your mind to it.


Tips & Warnings

If you simply can not bare to think about doing another chore, call a friend and talk to them while you do the task. You may be less likely to lack in motivation while you are distracted.