The goal of losing weight can become urgent for us at the start of a new year or a new warmer season.  Unfortunately, desire does not equal motivation.  Wanting to lose weight and build the motivation to do so can be worlds apart.  Here are a few simple tips to get that new exercise routine going.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Getting started on an exercise routine can be a daunting task.  Make it easier, by setting yourself up for success.  Talk to your family members, workmates, schoolmates or neighbors and get a workout partner.  Set a time to work out with them before or after work.  If you work out in the morning pick out your workout clothes the night before.  Don’t leave any decisions to chance.  If you work out after work bring your gym bag.  Do not go home instead go directly to the gym regardless of how tired you may feel.  Having a workout partner who is waiting for you can give you the motivation to get started on the road to fitness.

Make Exercise Fun

Buy some really cute exercise clothes that make you feel like an athlete.  The act of changing from work clothes to running pants can change your mindset and prepare you to push yourself to exercise.  Choose music tracks that make you want to move.  Do you like rock or hip hop music or are you more a retro fan?  Find music that you will look forward to listening to.  Lastly, join a fun exercise class.  Do you like Zumba or ballet inspired exercise or is kick boxing more your line?  Vary the classes you take so you don’t get bored.  Invest in some fun home workout dvds once you have your gym routine down. 

Make Goals

Exercise will become a way of life if you force yourself to stick with it for at least two months.  Making short term and long term goals can help you get to those two months faster.  Make a goal to work out for thirty minutes and add fifteen minutes to that goal every week until you reach your desired workout time.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew, start off slowly and gradually increase in speed and intensity.  For instance, start walking and running for a mile with the goal of solely running for one mile.  Once you achieve that mile do the same thing with the next mile until you can run 5 or 10 miles straight.  As you reach short term goals give yourself a pat on the back and begin to make bigger ones.  Have you always wanted to run a 10k?  Make that a long term goal while achieving your shorter term ones.

Getting a regular exercise routine started can be challenging but you can do this.  People make goals and achieve them all the time.  If others can do this so can you.  The key is starting out with small manageable goals that increase with your confidence level.  Exercise is fun when we make it fun.  The key to success is to make ourselves accountable to our workout partners and accountable to ourselves.  We deserve to feel healthy and look great.  So come on get moving and do the first step mentioned in this article.  You have what it takes to get motivated for exercise!