Get Muscles Fast

Is There a Secret to Get Muscles Fast?

Most Want to Avoid Hard Work to Get Muscles Fast

How do I get muscles fast?  That is a common question for beginners who are new to the fitness world.  Whether they want to impress someone, hope to compete in a particular sport, or just want a muscular body, everyone wants to know how to do it as fast as possible.  I'm sorry to break the news to you, but there isn't a safe way to get muscles fast.  It all comes down to time, dedication, and effort.  You need to actually put in the work to see the results.

Supplements to Get Muscles Fast
I'll just address this at the beginning, because I'm sure people think about this if they're desperate to get muscles fast.  There are products out there, both legal and illegal, that are meant to help with muscle growth.  The obvious one is steroids, which if you don't know by now, has a laundry list of side effects that make them very dangerous to take.  However, if people get to a certain level of desperation, they may resort to something like steroids.  Obviously that's not a smart decision and you should never consider it as an option to get muscles fast.

There are other supplements out there that are more common to get big muscles fast, such as taking creatine or whey protein powder.  Personally, I've never taken creatine, but I have used whey protein powder.  Creatine helps supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily to muscles, which helps them grow at a faster rate.  I've always been curious about what happens if you're using creatine for a long period of time and then decide to stop using it.  Do you lose muscle mass at a faster rate, since you were relying on that supplement?  It may help you get muscles fast, but what are the long term effects?

I've had both positive and negative experiences with whey protein powder.  It is effective in aiding in the muscle building process, but I've also felt stomach discomfort at times after ingesting it.  I've also tried whey protein isolate, which produced the same results.  In the end, I stopped taking it because the bouts with stomach pain outweighed any benefits that I was seeing.  I now simply drink milk after a workout, and I think it works just as well.  You may not get muscles fast, but the muscle growth you do get will be more sustainable.

Are There Specific Exercises to Get Muscles Fast?
There aren't any specific exercises you can do in order to get muscles fast. However, there are some basic concepts you can follow, which will help maximize your workout.

1) Do exercises that use multiple muscle groups
Exercises such as pullups, pushups and squats are great because they use more than one muscle group.  If you do a pushup, you're working your chest, triceps, shoulders and core muscles all at once.  This leads to a larger calorie burn and you're not just targeting one specific area of your body.

2) Use heavier weight with lower reps
Since your goal is to gain muscle here, use weight that you can do 4-6 reps for a specific exercise.  Don't use lighter weights and do 12-15 reps.

3) Use proper form
If you're using heavier weights, make sure you still have proper form in all of your lifts.  Otherwise, you could get injured and you won't get much out of the exercise.  Using your back to help you do arm curls isn't going to make your biceps grow.

4) Give maximum effort
Put all of your effort into each exercise and take breaks when necessary.  Don't casually go from one exercise to another, putting in minimal effort.  You won't see any results that way.

Can Nutrition Help You Get Muscles Fast?
I think nutrition is the most important aspect to getting the results that you want.  As I mentioned earlier, there's no secret to getting muscles fast, but your diet can definitely help.  High protein foods help in gaining muscle mass, such as lean beef, chicken, fish, turkey and steak.  However, you also need a healthy balance of carbohydrates as well.  I try to center my meals around a lean protein source, with some kind of fruit and vegetables.  I try and include those in each meal, and then I can add other foods as necessary.  

If you put the effort in to working out on a consistent basis, the easiest way to ruin it is with an unhealthy diet.  There isn't a way to get muscles fast without putting in the work.  However, following the tips in this article will put you on track to seeing the results you want in as early as the first month.