Looking for a way to liven up your boring business cards? Spot UV business cards are the perfect way to immediately captivate and engage new customers. Spot UV coating adds a glossy varnish to certain areas of your business card to accent your artistic design and give the card an intricate texture that your customer can not only see but feel! You can use spot UV printing to highlight your business logo, your name, or a picture of your product. Handing customers one of your professional spot UV business cards instantly assures them of both your knack for design and your attention to detail. In order to help you design the perfect spot UV business cards, this article will fill you in on how the spot UV printing process works and provide you with some inspiration for how to use spot UV to your advantage.

What Are Spot UV Business Cards?

Spot UV coating is a recent trend in business card design that adds that extra flare necessary to capture customer attention. UV coating is a special kind of glossy varnish that gets applied to paper products after the initial printing process, in order to give the paper a shiny finish. The "UV" comes from the drying process which uses UltraViolet light to dry the coating. The additional word "spot" in spot UV business cards means that this varnish is only applied to certain areas of the card, which is great for accenting you business name or your logo. This video gives a brief overview of the UV coating process:

Please note that this video explains the process of full UV coating to make the entire product look glossy, while spot UV coating will only make certain parts of your business card shine. Another advantage of spot UV beyond just the visual highlights is that the coating actually rises off the paper a little bit, making for a nice textured business card. Customers will literally feel the difference in your quality!

Where To Use Spot UV Coating

The great thing about using spot UV printing on your business cards is that you decide where the glossy highlight goes. You could apply the coating to the entire card for maximum shine, or you could limit it to your business name so your customers will be more likely to see and remember who you are. You can also choose to use coating on the front of the card and/or the back of the card, so customers can feel the slightly three-dimensional texture of the varnish from many places on the business card. As mentioned above, common places to apply spot UV are on the business name or logo, but the important question to ask yourself is "What do you want customers to see?" and "How do you want to be remembered?" You may have a clever tag line that you know will stick in customer's minds; you could apply varnish to that text. Maybe you're advertising a discount on this particular batch of business cards and you want that to stand out the most. Maybe you're a graphic designer and the most important impression to make with your spot UV business cards is that you have some fresh artistic talent, so you might find a clever way to use the glossy coating as part of the design for your card. There are many, many possibilities and opportunities to stand out with spot UV; the only limit is your imagination!

Spot UV Business Card Inspiration

Here are a few neat ideas taken from some spot UV business card examples that might help inspire you:

  • Inset an abbreviation of your business name or any other logo on top of the text of your business name to really make the name visually "pop out."
  • Use the spot UV coating purely as a texture element. Make a checkerboard or line pattern over the entire business card so that customers can "feel" the difference!
  • Be stealthy and make an intricate design in varnish on top of a solid color background. Holding the card in different light makes the image disappear and reappear!
  • In many cases, less is more. If you use less gloss overall, the areas that you do choose to coat will stand out even more.
  • You can also make clever designs by purposely not coating certain areas. Apply the gloss to a large rectangular or circular area and then carve out your design by strategically removing the coating.


Now you've had an overview of the spot UV printing process and spot UV business card design. Hopefully you've got plenty of new ideas floating around in your head, so hurry and get them down on paper, get out there, and get noticed!