The human body and mind are capable of so much more than most of us realize. 

When pushed to their absolute limits the body and mind (together) can accomplish amazing things.  They are capable of climbing the Shenghai Tower, running a marathon, and can survive some crazy stuff.  They are both durable.

So why do most of us limit ourselves to working at our day to day jobs with our average everyday hobbies? 

Get Motivated and Be ProductiveCredit: Ken Muise

Climbing Shenghai Towers IS Positive Thinking

It’s because we do not try and push ourselves to the absolute limit. Instead we would rather believe that we “can’t” or “shouldn’t”. 

The truth is that in order to accomplish great things in life you need to take risks and push hard. You need to practice and achieve those things that you “can’t do” and take risks actually doing the things that you keep telling yourself that you “shouldn’t do”.  Once you start on that road to positive thinking your overall health will increase too[1]!

Anything is possible if you put your mind[2] to it, but if we are not setting our goals high enough we will never live up to our full potential.  That might be a little cliché but how can you argue against it? 

Think about all of the crazy records people break for Guinness.  We think “Wow, that’s amazing.  How is that even possible?” The answer is effort and risk. We are capable of being any one of those people, but instead so many of us choose to play it safe and stay in our comfort zone. 

Guiness World Records: Walk Bottles, Stack Bottles, Whatever!

Get off your butt and go be somebody! Be anyone or anything that you want to be.

You don’t need to sit there and watch life pass you by. What are you waiting for? Every person who has made it to the top of their profession, sport, company and/or dream is a human being like you and I.  

They are not aliens.  

They’re not genetically engineered cyborgs. 

Push yourself and stop being scared of failure.  Sure, there will be times when you will fail but that is the only way you are going to get better at anything. 

The Only True Fail is Not Trying At All

I love hearing people say that “failure is not an option”. That’s crap.  Failure is a certainty.  At least at first.  Practice and drive can mitigate failure.  It can even hide it. 

Instead of wishing for the life and abilities that other people have, go and create your own dream life and talents. Be healthy, go exercise, learn everything humanly possible and put it to use. Life is what you make of it and if those moments are spent taking it easy all of the time, you will look back at your life and realize at that last second all that you wasted.  

Look at every day as a challenge and new adventure. Go to places you have never been. Take up hobbies you have never tried.  Learn Mandarin or fly-fishing, if you want. Be spontaneous and throw those around your for a loop.  Be your best.  Eventually your best will get better.

Learning to Love Failure

Don't Be Scared of the Struggle

Many of us are scared of the struggle.  I believe that.  It’s not laziness, its fear of failure.  The struggle is what makes it worth it all in the end.  Those born with the natural ability to do great things never worked for it.  They find themselves yearning to learn new things and challenge themselves while we just sit around and say, “I wish I could do that”.  

The struggle (the challenge, sweat, tears, falling down and getting up) is where all of the fun stories come from. Nobody wants to hear about about how easy it was for you to climb the mountain.  Hell, you don’t even wanna’ tell that story. People would rather hear about your dangerous hike up the Himalayas and how you had to eat your own left foot to survive.  It doesn’t have to extreme sports or daredevil crap, either.  Just be ambitious.

Panama Canal: Against All Odds

Trust and Challenge Yourself

It all comes down to trusting yourself and your body to do the activities you set your mind to. Think about all of the things in your life that you have already accomplished, graduating school, learning how to swim, losing weight, getting married, those are the things you set your mind to and that you got done. So why do we convince ourselves that we can’t accomplish even greater things?   Why do most of us settle for the job, house, spouse kids and car scenario?  

It’s all about challenging yourself.  Who cares what everyone else is doing and or thinking.  “I wish he’d/she’d just settle down and get his/her life together.” To hell with that. 

This journey is about you, and being the best you can possibly be. Life is about making yourself happy first and foremost.  Until then, you can never make anyone else happy.  You’ll always be searching, wondering, and/or second-guessing your own decisions. Your life will be more fulfilling if you go out and make something of it that you approve of and not what everyone else says you should do or be.

Amazing Video!

Let the Journey Begin!

It is not about where you start, it’s simply about starting and then keeping the ball rolling. Once the journey stops, you stop and everything else is in impossible. 

So where do you begin? Right now, make a list of all of the things in life you want to do.  Then start.  A little at first, if necessary.  You want to learn to scuba.  Read up on it, find search “scuba lessons” and then sign up for it. 

If your job is consuming your personal life, work around it or quit.  Work to live, don’t live to work.  What is the point of working if you’re not really living? 

When we believe in ourselves there is no obstacle we cannot conquer.  There is not goal that we can’t accomplish. 

Let your past experiences and accomplishments inspire you, (either through failure or an addiction for more success because it felt so good), use your goals to motivate you.

 You hold more power than you realize so utilize it and see how far life takes you. Be bold.  Don’t be afraid to go out there and take life by the horns because it is either you kick life’s butt or it kicks yours. 

Go and DO It!

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