Getting organized at the officeCredit:; By kantor

Being organized in general or getting organized at the office doesn't come naturally for everyone. If you want to change your bad habits and get organized here are some good tips for the office. If you are unorganized, you will miss deadlines, appointments and things just will not run smoothly. This will wear greatly on your job performance and may endanger your job in the long run.

To get things organized at your place of employment you should start with your Desktop or Laptop computer files and documents. Keep all your documents organized in files according to subject. Don't let files pile up unorganized in your document drive. When you name them, put them in the right folder. If they don't seem to belong in any existing folders make a new one.

Keep a template on your computer for documents that you need to recreate every month for reports. Keep a fax and memo template on your desktop so you can type them out, rather than write them out.

Getting organized means always having a pending file on your desk for things that may need your attention later.

Keep a daily agenda template on your computer with the current date. You can add new items and delete what has been finished. Print the agenda sheet out every day and update it as the end of each day. Always prioritize items towards the top that are urgent so you won’t miss deadlines or items that are important. It’s important to use bold to highlight important items and also to show deadline dates. Keep a one month file for items that have been resolved in case you have questions brought up about resolved issues.  This way if you get a phone call or question about last week’s issue that was resolved, you can have the notes to refresh your memory. After one month file them. Getting organized at the office will take some time at first. Once you get it together it will come easy as you get into the routine.

If you are in charge of filing your own paperwork, as it accumulates put it in alphabetical order. This way when it’s time to file, it will be quick and easy.

Remember to back up all your files if at the end of each business day so that if there is a problem you will be able to recover your files.


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