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Clutter and having too much stuff is one major cause of stress and anxiety in our lives that may seem like a daunting task to eliminate but it is possible to get organized now with a step by step approach at tackling all the clutter around you to free your mind, body and soul at the same time. If you haven't started to de-clutter the mess around you because you just don't know where to start, read on this article will help you.

Get Organized Now – Make a List

Making a list for each room in your home of the areas that are cluttered will help you as the first step to being able to get rid of clutter. Walk around your home and look at each corner and area of the room to decide if the counters and floor are cluttered or if it's the cabinets and drawers that are the cluttered areas.

Get Organized Now – Work on Clutter Daily

Now that you have a list of rooms that need help in removing clutter, decide to take at least 15-30 minutes a day to start to tackle the problem areas.

You can start to accomplish a lot of de-cluttering by only working a few minutes a day and that way the task isn't that daunting.

Schedule a full week on removing clutter to get organized now. It may take more time than just one week but, at least have a starting point and schedule it as an important date or meeting and stick to it. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started but, you'll be happy that you did and feel so much better when you are organized and clutter free – visualize the big picture at the end of a well organized home.

Get Organized Now – The Entry Way

Start with the entry way as the first place that you see you home when you enter. Decide if you need a place to hang coats, organize shoes and boots and have a place for the mail and keys. Use a small table from another area of the home if needed that can house the mail and keys. Place a small decorative tray or dish on the table and only keep those two items there.

Get Organized Now – The Hall Closet

Many people have a hall closet near the entry way or an entry closet. Remove everything in this closet and begin the process of making some tough decisions.

Get three bins and label them: Keep, Donate and Discard.

Place each item removed from the hall closet into one of the bins and decide where the item should go based on these questions.

When did I use this last?

Does it fit and look nice?

What would happen if I no longer owned this item?

Once you answer those questions as you are trying to get organized now, you will be able to know which bin to place your items in. Get rid of anything you haven't worn in two years (many people will say one year, but if you haven't worn it in two years then you are safe to say you will not wear it again!).

Donate any item that you haven't worn and you KNOW you will not wear again and place it in the donate bin. Someone will really appreciate it and they need it! Only donate items in good shape without tears or holes. Discard all others.

Wash the closet walls and door after everything is removed and vacuum the carpet or wash the floor.

Return the keep items back to the hall closet by hanging them neatly. Use a closet shelf for a container for gloves, hats and scarves that you wear all the time.

Give yourself a pat on the back since you have accomplished the first major hurdle of de-cluttering your home to get organized now. It will feel good and you've freed up space at the same time!

Get Organized Now – The Bathroom

The bathroom should be an easy place to keep clean and organized. Go through all the drawers one at a time and discard all unused, expired and old cosmetics, personal care items and keep only what you use on a daily basis.

Personal care items have expiration dates of up to one year so that keeping these longer than that is unhealthy is a good way to look at it.

Remove all items so that the drawers or shelves can be washed and you can start with a clean slate.

Only keep or discard used personal care products, never donate these items.

Buy clear containers that fit into the drawers neatly to help you organize the bathroom according to hair care, shaving items, tooth care, cosmetics and jewelry.

Return only those items needed and used so that everything has a place and you can easily find it when needed. You'll notice that you can get ready for the day much faster when you know where everything is that you need.

Get Organized Now – The Bedroom

Use the three bins of keep, donate and discard when starting to de-clutter and organize the bedroom. The bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and sleep and you'll find that once this area is clean and organized, that you will rest and sleep much more soundly and will start to feel better in the process.

Keep only items that help you relax in the bedroom. Clean out under the bed and use under the bed storage containers for clothing or bedding items that you need in that room.

Donate or discard everything else such as knick knacks that you need to move just to reach the alarm clock or find a reading book.

Get Organized Now – The Kitchen

Head over to the kitchen and first work on the visible counter areas. Remove everything and place in one of the three bins marked keep, donate or discard.

Wash the counter and enjoy the clutter free look that is before you!

Return only those items that you use every day in the kitchen such as a coffee maker, toaster or blender. All other items should either be stored in the cupboards or donated.

Clean out the cupboards using the same keep, donate or discard method used in other rooms. If you haven't used an item in over a year, you probably won't be using it and this is especially true for organizing the kitchen. If large pots or pans are needed for a yearly large meal such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, find another area to store these in such as a garage or basement.

Vow to keep each area clean and organized by always putting everything back where it belongs when you 're done with it. Start with yourself and then get the rest of the family involved too.

By starting with one room in the home at a time and beginning the process of getting rid of those items that you really don't need and are causing clutter, you will begin to feel better with less stuff around you. When you get organized now, you will also be able to find more items much more quickly and use what you own. Load your vehicle with all the items you are ready to donate and get rid of them and pick up a tax donation for yourself at the same time. You probably just gave yourself a great deduction to take on your tax forms and that should feel great too with much less stress in your life! Good luck and Get started to get organized now – you can do it!

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